Mom Upcycles Baby Wipes Container for Childproofing Hack That’s Gone Viral

No one will argue against the fact that kids are expensive. The expenses start before they’re even born. Maternity clothes, anyone? Those hospital bills aren’t cheap either.

The expenses only seem to increase as children get older. Babies and toddlers, for example, need diapers and baby wipes. Plus, it seems they’re constantly outgrowing their clothes and shoes.

On top of that, you add childproofing, because every parent wants to keep their child safe. One of the most common places to childproof, is wall outlets. These outlets, for whatever reason, seem to call out to toddlers. Little ones can’t seem to resist trying to stick their fingers or toys inside the little openings.

Many parents resort to buying outlet covers, and while we’re not saying this is a bad idea, we are saying that it’s another expense. They also don’t always work. Toddlers are smart, and I even remember pulling those flimsy little outlet covers out of the wall when I was a child.

Let’s circle back to the fact that babies and toddlers go through a lot of diapers and baby wipes. This leaves lots and lots of empty diaper boxes and baby wipe containers that are destined for the recycling bin.

Of course, you could always reuse the boxes and containers instead of recycling them. We love how sturdy the cardboard is on diaper boxes. It’s perfect for a wide number of DIY cardboard projects, and while we’ve seen a few great baby wipe container upcycle ideas before, we just added another one to our list thanks to a mom named Brittany Kurtz.

Kurtz recently shared a childproofing hack that works well for her when it comes to those pesky wall outlets. It’s an added bonus that she’s upcycling baby wipe containers at the same time.

As Kurtz says in her Facebook post about this hack, “Remove the adhesive top from the baby wipes package, then place over outlets. I certainly still will keep my baby safe outlet covers in, but this is just another precaution for on top. Out of site, out of mind.”

Watch the video below to see exactly how this hack works. 

Many moms love this hack and are now using it in their homes, but not everyone agrees that it’s a great idea. Some moms posted comments stating that their toddlers would just open the baby wipe container on the wall, and it wouldn’t help them at all.

What do you think about this baby proofing hack? Will you try it in your home?