As parents of children who are learning how to read and write, we have never been more aware of how much the English language does not make sense. There are countless words that are not spelled at all like you would think they would be spelled. The advice to sound out words often fails miserably.

As we get older, we simply memorize the unusual spelling rules, but as we watch our children struggling to grasp these unusual rules, we don’t have much advice. We just have to accept that it is the way it is, silent “k” and all. 

Now imagine learning English as a second language. Not all languages are as confusing and sometimes nonsensical as English. Many well-meaning people have failed miserably while trying to spell words correctly.

Scroll down for 13 examples of very good attempts at spelling words correctly in English that are so very, very wrong plus examples of why exactly English words are so difficult to spell correctly.

  1.  They Look Delicious No Matter How You Spell It

  2.  We’ll Hope This Was Auto Correct’s Fault

  3.  So Many Wrong Attempts

  4.  A Poor Place for a Grammar Error

  5.  This One Took Us a Minute to Figure Out

  6.  Someone Needs to Fix This

  7.  That Is How It Sounds

  8.  Just Another Example of Why English Isn’t Common Sense

  9.  Uh-Oh

  10.  Very Interesting

    Screen Shot 2020-10-12 at 2.23.57 PM

  11.  Close but So Wrong

  12.  This One Took Us a Minute to Figure Out Too

  13.  This Is True