The English language is a weird, weird thing. Different letters can sound completely different when you spell out words. For example, the “k” in “knife” or “knuckle “ is silent but words like “kite” or “kill” are completely different. Then there’s the whole “gh” thing, where in “neighbor” it has more of a Y sound, but in “ghost” we hear the G.

Then there are words that just plain old make no sense—like “Wednesday.” When you sound that out, wouldn’t it sound more like, “Wed-Ness-Day”? If we want it to sound like we spell it, why not just spell it “Wensday,” without that silly D?

We’re not the only ones who think about this kind of thing. One Reddit thread recently blew up after someone asked why we can’t just spell the middle day of the week without the D. Here are the best answers!

  1. Because, Like We Said, English Makes No Sense

    “The English language was made for you to suffer dammit.”

  2. Because Ew

    “That looks hideous.”

  3. Because There’s Actually a Legit Reason

    “Wednesday comes from Woden, which is anglicised Odin. Tuesday, thursday and friday are names after Tyr, Thor and Freja respectively. So are the other ones probably but I can’t say for sure.”

  4. Because It Kind of Makes Sense When You Think About It

    “Say ‘Wedn,’ then say ‘Wednesday.’ People have a tendency to think the syllables should be Wed-nes-day when it is actually more like Wedn’s-day.”

  5. Other Questions Were Posed

    “Why do we say ‘why can’t we’ when that means ‘why can not we’?”

  6. And Other Pronunciations Were Suggested

    “Wodensday is so much better, what were they thinking?”

  7. People Got a Bit Off Topic

    “I would be okay with “Wendy’s day” too, if we need a sponsor.”

  8. And Let’s Not Forget About Days of the Month

    “February is ridiculous. And while I am on the subject how come removing a single consonant from a word can change its vowel sound?”

  9. It Seriously Confuses People

    “I use to call it wedding day. When I was 6 I thought it was the only day on which you could get married in”

Are you annoyed with the spelling of “Wednesday”? What other words bother you?