19 Perfect Amazon Gifts to Get For the Bakers in Your Life

Have a Susie Homemaker in your life? You know, the resident baker, who’s always in the kitchen cooking up the next delicious treat? If you’re looking to get the baker in your life a gift, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve scoured the greatest shopping source of all—Amazon—to bring you the top gifts for bakers in any price range.

  1. An Apron

    Well, they can’t bake if they don’t have the right ensemble. These adorable sayings are spot on and make kitchen time even more fun. Price: $19.99

  2. Bread Proofing Basket Kit

    This kit comes with a brotform, silicone baking mat, silicone measuring cups, silicone graded scraper, linen liner, personalized cloth bag, and instructions for proofing. Price: $30.09

  3. Cupcake Scoop

    No longer will drips happen when making cupcakes—the curved edge on this scoop allows the batter to fall neatly into each cupcake crevice. Price $9

  4. Pie Dish

    This one actually keeps the pie hotter on the table longer. Price: $49.94

  5. A Baking Necklace

    With its tiny measuring spoons and cupcake tin, this is truly one of the cutest pieces of jewelry we’ve ever seen. Price: $23.93

  6. Bakeware Set

    Baking pans, cookie sheets, cake pans, oh my! This sturdy Rachael Ray nonstick bakeware set comes with everything a baker needs to make the treat of their choice. Price: $89.99

  7. Silicone Baking Mats

    These make baking cookies so much easier—and way less sticky! Price: $15.95

  8. Measuring Spoons

    These smiling kitty cat ceramic measuring spoons will make measuring that much cuter. Price: $26.99

  9. A Cookbook

    Sure, your baker probably has their own tried and true recipes, but for when they want to branch out, a baking cookbook will be useful. Price: $16.99

  10. A Keychain

    With the most appropriate saying. Price: $13.89

  11. Kitchen Towels

    A little humor to help wipe the flour off their hands never hurt. Price: $20.99

  12. Cake Decorating Set

    With 36 pieces of piping tips, a silicone pastry bag, icing tip coupler and more, this cake decorating set has everything your baker needs to make the cake of his or her dreams. Price: $11.95

  13. Oven Mitts/Potholders

    How are they supposed to remove anything from the oven without a cute set of oven mitts and potholders? Here’s a lovely 4-pack. Price: $11.98

  14. Cookie Boxes

    Depending on how much they bake, they may even want to offer some as gifts to others (including you!). Price: $24.99

  15. Embossed Rolling Pain

    Help them fancy up their pastries or cakes, without much effort. It looks pretty in the kitchen, too! Price: $17.99

  16. Silicone Cupcake Liners

    No more throwing away cupcake papers—the baker can reuse these silicone liners for all their cupcake and muffin needs. Price: $11.99

  17. Parchment Paper

    Trust us, they can never have too much. Price: $13.99

  18. Frosting Decorator Kit

    From cookies to cakes and cupcakes, this kit comes with six different piping tools so each treat is prettier than the next. Price: $19.99

  19. A Chef’s Hat

    Sure, it’s just for fun, but this will make even the most amateur baker feel like a true professional! Price: $6.99

What are you getting the baker in your life? Or, if you’re a baker yourself, what’s on your wish list this year?