Ah, the continuing days of quarantine. Sometimes, we make ourselves a kale salad for lunch and sometimes we treat ourselves to takeout from our favorite guilty pleasure joint. And a little 4-year-old named Tom knows all about the latter. Allow us to explain.

Little Tom and his mom, Raissa, had just gotten back to their Brazil home after a doctor’s appointment when Raissa decided she was going to go take a quick shower. After all, she wanted to make sure she could get any germs off of her after being inside a potentially infected building.

The only problem was that she had to leave Tom unattended to do so—only for a few minutes. How much mischief could he get into in such a short amount of time, anyway?

Well, about $100 worth. Tom spotted his mom’s phone while she was in the shower and decided that he’d order some McDonald’s food for delivery—about 400 Brazilian real, or roughly $100 U.S. dollars.

We can’t blame Tom here. Takeout is the best way to enjoy some food from a restaurant during a pandemic. And when you want McDonald’s, it’s hard to choose what to get from such a huge variety. Burgers, nuggets, fries, milkshakes…the sky’s the limit.

Tom used his mom’s voice request feature on her phone to order the meal to their home. He even managed to confirm their address for delivery. What a smart young man!

The final order: six Happy Meals, six promotional meals, 10 milkshakes, eight McSundaes, eight bottles of water, and eight special offer toys.


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When Raissa got out of the shower and got a call from reception that she had 10 bags of Micky D’s waiting for her, she was confused—and then amused.

“I laughed, cried and then sat down to eat and drink milkshake toasting this fast food Monday,” she posted on her Instagram with a photo of Tom and all the food. “Unbelievable, my people!”

She wasn’t exactly pissed about the order—and neither was the Internet world, who made the post go viral. In fact, they couldn’t get enough of Tom and all his food.

“That boy has got the moves from an early age,” someone posted. “He is going places.”

“He is going somewhere,” someone else agreed. “Don’t know where, but surely somewhere.”

Have you ever ordered this much takeout for just yourself—or had a kiddo do it for you? What’s the funniest thing your child has ever done when you walked away for just a few minutes?