Houston Restaurant Will Deliver Cocktails Straight to Your Home in an ‘Adult Ice Cream Truck’

There’s no sugar coating it: We’re in a health crisis right now. The COIVD-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on our communities, states, and really, nearly the entire globe.

In addition to people having to shelter in place, restaurants and bars have also been forced to close their doors for the time being as well to continue to slow and stop the spread of the heinous coronavirus.

Some of these restaurants are worried that they may not be able to come back once the crisis is over. So to avoid being absolutely devastating for the future, many businesses have found creative ways to give their customers what they want and need, in a safe way.

For example, the majority of companies have opted for delivery or even curbside pickup for takeout since no one is allowed inside. And some places have even gone so far as to make meal kits so that you can cook together with your families.

If you think that’s innovative (and it is), then you’re going to lose your mind over what another eatery has just begun to do.

Bovine and Barley, a restaurant and bar in Houston, Texas, has decided that if the customers can’t come to them, they’re going to bring their drinks to the customers—in the most fun way.

The restaurant has since introduced what’s been deemed, appropriately as an “adult ice cream truck.” Only instead of serving up sundaes, the truck delivers cocktails.

That’s right, as in your favorite alcohol-infused concoctions, delivered directly to your door. if that doesn’t put a smile on your face (or make you immediately want to pick up your phone to order a cocktail), we’re not sure what will.

For as low as $9, the restaurant is offering any of the following beverages, delivered right to your home: A Moscow Mule, a traditional margarita, a mezcal margarita, a pina colada, a daiquiri, or a michelada. See below for descriptions and prices.

In addition to these seven delicious-sounding boozy delights, you can also add on house-made potato chips for just $1 (because what better munchies to accompany a cocktail, right?).

The company is offering free delivery every day from 11 a.m. (because it’s never too early for a drink in quarantine) to 8 p.m.

To order, just send a text to 832-547-0912 and they’ll be over in no time! They deliver to any locations in Midtown, Downtown, Montrose Washington area and the heights or Galleria.

To hear more about the boozy endeavor, check out the video below.

How amazing is this idea? If you live in the area, will you be ordering a cocktail to go?