Pizzeria in Texas is Selling Meal Kits for Families to Make Together While Social Distancing

The coronavirus pandemic has surely tested most people in a lot of different ways. How long can we go without going to work? How will we entertain the kids as long as they’re home from shut-down schools? And, worst of all, how will be survive without going to our favorite restaurants?

While most restaurants are able to offer takeout and delivery, the majority are not able to remain open for normal seating. And let’s face it: Takeout is just not the same as sitting down at a table and having a meal, not to mention many restaurants (and businesses in general) are struggling to stay afloat in the tough economic times.

However, despite all the chaos, many restaurants beginning to get creative—not only to help themselves make ends meat until they’re allowed to open full time again, but so that their loyal customers can still enjoy their food in more ways than simply eating it from a Styrofoam box.

Case in point: One pizzeria in San Antonio, Texas called Capos Pizzeria. The restaurant came up with a clever idea to make things a little more interesting and put a smile on their customers’ faces during these dark times.

The pizza joint decided to start selling a pizza meal kit so that families can make pizza together while they’re home social distancing away from others.

The kit includes three dough balls (all made fresh that day) and three pizza sauce containers as well as cheese and pepperoni for toppings. The kit costs just $12.99 and makes three pizzas—enough to feed your family over the course of a few days in quarantine.

“Lots of restaurants are coming up with creative ways to survive the crazy times we are in these days, and we thought this was a neat kit for families and couples to do together,” said co-owner Mark Mulroy.

Capos Pizzeria isn’t the only one coming up with these types of creative solutions. Big Apple Pizza in West Palm Beach, Florida had the same idea and is also selling take-home pizza kits. Theirs cost just $10 and makes one pie.

To hear more about the meal kits being offered, check out the video below!

Don’t live in Texas or Florida? We’re sure more pizza places, and even regular restaurants as well, may start coming out with more unique ways to sell their food during the coronavirus outbreak. Give yours a call to see what they might be offering!

What kinds of meals have you been eating during the pandemic? Do you find you’re ordering takeout more or cooking meals from scratch? What are some of your favorite restaurants that you’ve made sure to support throughout this crisis?