When you become a mom for the first time, no doubt about it, life changes. It’s not for the worse, it’s just that you have to get used to a new normal.

Your days are probably—no, definitely—pretty exhausting. There’s so much to get done—you know, cleaning the house, going grocery shopping and making sure the big one doesn’t kill the little one while you take your eyes off them for seven seconds.

When you have to do everything with little humans by your side, it’s amazing that your head is even on straight. But no matter what, you wouldn’t trade your little ones for the world, right? It’s just that there isn’t a day without some kind of chaos or commotion—but that’s only natural for mom life.

The thing is, these chaotic, commotional days? They don’t look that way to your kids. In fact, life looks a lot different from the eyes of a two-year-old than a thirty-two-year-old. Vlogger Esther Anderson decided to create a short video watch this short video called “A Normal Day,” to fully showcase the truth to this.

In it, she details an exhausting day one mom had—a totally “normal” day for her. But through a child’s eyes, that day looked completely different. For example, if a child were to drop an entire cake on the ground, Mom is just going to see it as the floor being a mess and the need to make another cake (in the time she doesn’t have, of course). But the little one is going to see it as fun times eating cake off the floor with Mommy.

The caption at the end of the video says it all: “Your normal may be their magic.”

To all the moms out there who watch this: We’re warning you. Get the box of tissues ready. This one’s a tearjerker, but in the most heartwarming, sweetest way.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the exhausted moms out there!