When the pandemic first started, many people assumed it would be over by summer. When it wasn’t, talk turned to what school would look like in the fall, and the answer has been that it looks pretty different but exactly how different depends on which school you’re talking about.

As school resumed we turned to the next big question – Halloween. We already missed pictures with the Easter Bunny and watching fireworks outside. The pandemic changed Easter and the 4th of July – would it change Halloween too?

Even though Halloween is almost 2 months away, parents know that they need to prepare ahead of time. Kids start thinking about what costume they want to wear for trick-or-treating, but do you go trick-or-treating during a pandemic? 

The verdicts seems to be mixed on whether or not trick-or-treating is safe this year, especially in Los Angeles. The county originally announced that trick-or-treating was prohibited but backpedaled the next day to call it “not recommended” instead.

Even though it’s a holiday filled with people already wearing face masks, many people don’t feel safe reaching into a bowl of candy from a complete stranger. Yet, Halloween must go on. 

Thankfully, Los Angeles residents have another spooktacular treat to look forward to, and it’s completely safe during a pandemic. It’s a drive-thru Halloween experience featuring scenes from favorite family-friendly Halloween movies like Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” “Hocus Pocus,” “Ghostbusters” and more.

The event is being called Halloween Road, and even though entrance is free, tickets are still required. The free tickets will be available on September 12th at 10am. The immersive experience will take place October 2-4, 2002, at the Heritage Square Museum in Los Angeles.

The description from the event’s website reads, “It’s an outdoor immersive experience all behind the wheel of your car! Drive-thru (if your dare) the world of “Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas”, “Hocus Pocus,” and other spooktacular surprises filled with games, performance, and prizes.”

It sounds like a unique and fantastical experience perfect for the Halloween season and perfect for the whole family.

How are you celebrating Halloween this year? Will your kids be going trick-or-treating, or will you find safer ways to celebrate like this drive-thu experience?