Here Are 5 Ways That You Can Safely Celebrate Halloween in 2020

With fall on the horizon, you might be thinking about all the fun upcoming holidays—and how COVID-19 is probably going to ruin them. For example, how can someone safely hand out candy or go trick or treating on Halloween in the age of a global pandemic?

While a traditional Halloween might not be in the cards, there are actually a bunch of safe ways you can celebrate Halloween or ensure your kiddo gets the holiday fun they deserve. Here are 5 ways to celebrate Halloween in 2020:

  1. Double up the masks

    Wearing a mask with your Halloween costume? You’ll still probably want to wear your COVID-19 protection mask with it too. Experts say that rubber masks aren’t going to work quite the same to protect yourself from infected respiratory droplets, so be sure to double up.

  2. Use a blanket, not a bowl

    Your first thought might be to leave a bowl of candy out on your doorstep for the little ones to come pick up when trick-or-treating. That’s safer than handing it out face to face, right? Not necessarily. Think about all those fingers in that bowl! Instead, lay out the candy on a blanket on your front lawn. That way, no one will be touching the same spot.

  3. Say “no” to indoor parties

    Sure, October can be hit or miss when it comes to weather. But if you’re heading to a party this year, make sure it’s held outside. You should also make sure you’re social distancing from others, use hand sanitizer often, and only eat prepackaged food (no bobbing for apples this year!).

  4. Analyze your local COIVD-19 numbers

    Not everywhere in the world is created equal when it comes to coronavirus cases. If you live in a town with lower numbers, then trick-or-treating might still be in the cards for you. If you live in a safer community, be sure to check the current rules in your community. Then you can weigh the risks and go from there.

  5. Create a new Halloween tradition

    Sure, it might not look the same as it did last year, but get comfy on the couch with a scary movie marathon or have a Zoom call with your friends to learn all the dance moves to “Thriller.” Who knows, it might prove to be even more fun than trick or treating or going to a costume party!

Want more? Buzz60’s Keri Lumm shares some tips from experts in the video below.

What do you think Halloween will look like this year?