Back to school used to be such a happy time. Kids would excitedly pick out new clothes and shoes. They’d get all their required school supplies and fill up their new backpack. They were super excited to see all of their friends every day and to hopefully make new friends. That first day of school outfit was sometimes planned out well in advance to make the best impression possible.

Don’t forget about the parents. Of course we love our kids, but most of us are not trained educators. Teachers know some serious tricks about how to get our kids to behave, sit down, pay attention and actually learn. It’s pretty amazing, and we have never appreciated it more than during a pandemic.

If you live in an area where schools are closed and kids are doing distance learning, we feel you. You have found yourself having to say and do things that none of us ever imagined just months ago. Back to school could not have looked more different.

For example, instead of our kids actually going somewhere for school, they are at home. This could mean that they are in their bedroom, at the dining room table or perhaps you’re lucky enough that you had an area of your house that you were able to convert to a classroom. Regardless, they’re stuck at home, and most likely, so are you and your entire family.

Parents have to be hands on more than ever before. Even with kids online for a good chunk of school time, we have to make sure they log in, do their school work, turn in their assignments, and don’t forget the technical glitches. Has Zoom crashed in the middle of a class for you too?

Especially if you have little kids who had little to no screen time or computer experience before the pandemic, this is a whole new ballgame. I have heard myself say things like “stop playing and look at your computer,” and I have really wondered what is going on in this world that this is my life now.

Watch the video below to see a very hilarious parody of what it was like to be a mom on the first day of school last year versus this year. I know I can relate.

What was your favorite part of this video? Which part can you relate to the most? Do you have kids doing distance learning?