Comedian Nails the 5 Dramatic Stages of Home Ownership

Buying your first home can be very exciting and very stressful. Honestly, home ownership is wonderful in many ways, but it is also a lot more stressful than renting. If you have ever been through the process of buying a home, you can probably relate.

According to comedian Trey Kennedy, there are 5 stages of home ownership, really 6, but more on that later. In a new video, the comedian nails exactly what these stages are like, and we found ourselves laughing out loud.

The first stage of home ownership is house hunting. This is the phase when you find a realtor, look at houses and make an offer on a house hoping that you get the opportunity to buy your dream home. As many house hunters know, it’s not always like what you see on TV. Many times people get outbid and miss out on a home that they would’ve loved to buy.

The second stage of home ownership is actually buying the house. This involves a lot of paperwork, getting an inspection, deciding on a mortgage and signing things you may not understand.

This is where we get to why there are sometimes 6 stages of home ownership. Kennedy added a stage 2.5 which he calls “Homelessness.” If your rental ends before you officially take ownership of your new home, you might find yourself having to crash on a friend’s couch or stay in a hotel for a few days or even weeks.

Stage three is moving. Most likely your friends won’t be as excited to help you pack as you had hoped, and you might need to rent a bigger truck than you thought. Most people have more things hiding in their closets than they realized until they start to fill boxes. After moving in, then the unpacking begins.

Stage four is when reality sets in. If you were renting previously, this is the stage when you realize there isn’t a landlord to call to fix your problems. You have to fix anything that goes wrong yourself.

That brings us to the final stage of home ownership. Kennedy calls this stage “DIY,” and this stage never ends. We speak from experience when we say that there is always something that needs to be fixed. Even if you hire someone to fix the problems, more problems will just keep popping up.

Kennedy nails these stages of home ownership and makes us laugh at just how hard it is to own a home. That doesn’t mean it’s not worth it, but it is definitely a big responsibility. Home owners, you will definitely relate to this video. Renters, if you are considering home ownership, this video might make you rethink it.

Do you own or rent? If you own, did you experience these phases of home ownership? If you rent, are you interested in owning after watching this video?