21-Year-Old Builds the Mortgage-Free Tiny House of His Family’s Dreams

When he was 18-years-old, Josh saw his first-ever tiny house and was instantly inspired. Right then, he started saving his money and planning to build his own tiny house for him and his girlfriend Lindsay. After three years of saving and planning, Josh and Lindsay are finally finishing their mortgage-free tiny home! Watch the video below to see the beautiful house they’ve created together.

Josh mentioned his dream of building a tiny house to Lindsay on their first date and she was instantly on board! That was key to their building a happy life together. Love at first…building plans?

The pair, who are just 21-years-old now, have plans to certify the tiny house as an RV so they can park it year-round at an RV park. They hope that the freedom of having a rent-free and mortgage-free lifestyle will allow them to travel more, and spend time following their passions.

The tiny house is built on an 18-foot trailer – it even has a 3 foot deck on the back. The home has 2 lofts: one with 2 shed dormers and extra windows to make the bedroom area bright and airy, and another loft at the other end of the house for storage, and/or a second sleeping area.

The kitchen cabinets, the custom storage bench, the closets, and the “his and hers” desk, were also custom built by Josh – which is just adorable!