It can feel wonderful to conquer a complicated recipe with a long list of ingredients, but if we’re being honest, we find that the tastiest recipes are often the simplest and the easiest. Number one way to guarantee an easy recipe AND save yourself money on supplies? Cut down the ingredients! Some of our very favorite foods only require THREE things to create a delicious dish, and we decided we needed to round them all up in one place to share with you. Check out this list of THIRTY-TWO recipes that only need three ingredients to make. There’s everything here from breakfast to dessert, so read on and grab a few to make today!

      Peanut butter + egg + sugar


3IngedientMuffinsForListMind Over Munch
      Bananas + eggs, egg whites, or your favorite egg substitute + your favorite berries


      Butter + brown sugar + all-purpose flour


      Nutella + eggs + all-purpose flour


      Puff pastry + brie + your favorite jam


      Chicken + honey + dark soy sauce


      Instant coffee + condensed milk + whipping cream


HotChocolateMixForListEveryday Food
      Sugar + cocoa + salt


SkilletCaramelCookieForListBuzzfeed Food
      Caramels + chocolate chips + premade cookie dough


      Mozzarella cheese + Pillsbury Grands Biscuits + Bacon


      Apples + sugar + cinnamon


Barbeque Pulled Pork SandwichBrent Hofacker via Dollar Photo Club
      Pork tenderloin + root beer + barbecue sauce


oreoOnion Rings & Things
      Oreos + milk + Cool Whip


creamFood & Wine
      Confectioner’s sugar + heavy cream + vanilla


Sour Patch Grapes CollageMy Fridge Food
      Green grapes + watermelon Jell-O packet + sugar-free lemon Jell-O packet


hamSouthern Living
      Red pepper jelly + strong-brewed coffee + kosher salt OR pineapple preserves + Prosecco + kosher salt


      Puffed pastry + Nutella + egg


3cookieFood Bites
      Bananas + rolled oats + raisins


snowHappy Hooligans
      Fresh, clean snow + vanilla + sweetened, condensed milk


      Yes, there’s more than one way to make a peanut butter cookie that only needs 3 ingredients! This one: Unsalted natural peanut butter + maple syrup + sea salt


      Peanut butter + eggs + sugar


Smores DipTipHero
      Milk chocolate chips + peanut butter chips + marshmallows


      Yellow cake mix + canned pumpkin + pumpkin pie spice


Nutella BrowniesTipHero
      Flour + eggs + Nutella


No Carb Cloud BreadMind Over Munch
      Eggs + cream cheese + baking powder or cream of tartar


      Eggs + sugar + cake flour


      Sweetened condensed milk + lemons + tart shells


3-IngredientWendysFrostyPOPSUGAR Food
      Sweetened condensed milk + chocolate milk + Cool Whip


PeanutButterBrownieCookiesLinda Kelly Lee
      Refrigerated cookie dough + brownie mix + mini Reese’s peanut butter cups


      Cake mix + your favorite soda + marshmallows


PeachCobblerForListLittle Things
      Peaches + butter + vanilla cake mix


ScrambleEggTomatoInspire To Cook
    Tomato + egg + Parmesan cheese

So many great ideas! Which one will you be trying first? Do you have any of your own recipes that only take three ingredients or fewer?