Dogs really are as loyal as their reputation says they are. One dog in Colorado has literally taken on the responsibility of delivering groceries to his elderly neighbor with respiratory problems, who isn’t able to pick up her own due to COIVD-19 health risks.

Allow us to explain how this works.

The hero golden retriever is named Sunny. Sunny and his owner Eveleth have lived next door to an elderly woman named Renee in Colorado for more than 10 years, and, like most neighbors, watch out for each other.

In light of the coronavirus outbreak, Eveleth understood that Renee wasn’t able to go to a grocery store without the fear of getting the virus, which can be detrimental to elderly people with underlying health issues. But Eveleth couldn’t be in contact with Renee either to bring her groceries, just in case she was asymptomatic to the virus and may spread it to Renee unknowingly.

So instead, she enlisted the help of Sunny. Since there has not been any evidence of dogs getting the virus, she knew there wasn’t a risk in sending Sunny over to Renee’s house to fetch her the groceries she needs.

But how can a dog possibly deliver groceries to a neighbor? Simple.

Each week, Renee makes her shopping list. Once that’s ready, Sunny heads over, grabs the list from Renee and brings it back to Eveleth. Eveleth then goes to the store, gets the groceries, and gives them to Sunny to bring to Renee.

Sunny has been delivering Renee’s groceries since the outbreak began, and Renee has been able to isolate at home to stay safe and healthy. More than anything, she really appreciates Sunny and Eveleth’s help. “What a wonderful thing, just a sweet thing,” Renee said. “So he started doing the schlepping, back and forth. It’s been fun, it’s been a real treat.”

In addition to getting groceries, Renee also loves getting visits from Sunny—and who wouldn’t? Plus, science says that dogs can help make us happier, and we could all use a little extra happiness right now—especially Renee, who lives by herself.

“Little things like Sunny coming over to visit is nice and it makes you feel good,” Renee said. “It’s a way of communicating.”

Eveleth is just happy to be able to provide for her neighbor in need during the pandemic, in more ways than one. “Anybody can do something small, that can be so helpful,” she said.

To hear more about this dog-human-grocery store connection, check out the video below.

How sweet is this pup to bring his elderly neighbor groceries?