Amazon is taking over the world, are we right? It’s the only website that you can purchase virtually anything—from makeup to home improvement tools and even next week’s groceries—and all delivered within one or two days. If you told us about a website like this even 10 years ago, we probably would’ve laughed at you!

In all seriousness, Amazon sells some pretty amazing things—sometimes, things you didn’t even know you needed! Thankfully, it’s easy to see what’s a dud and what’s awesome just by the customer ratings.

These 25 products below have a steady 5-star track record. Check them out below—and don’t be afraid to add a few to your cart!

  1. Cold Therapy Socks

    If you frequently experience swelling, hot, or aching feet, or have been diagnosed with conditions like plantar fasciitis and arthritis, these socks sends a rush of cold to your feet. These are also great for pregnant women or those going through chemo.

  2. Stretch Out Strap

    You’re not the only one who forgets to stretch before or after a workout (that’s why this strap is so highly regarded). This strap has 10 different loops to fit your hands or feet and comes with a book with various stretches to try.

  3. Dead Sea Mud Mask

    Sure, there are tons of facemasks on Amazon, but this one seems to stand out among the rest in terms of ratings. People swear by this mud mask for reducing pores, acne and blackheads, and reigning in oily skin.

  4. Water Bottle

    Again, there are surely thousands of water bottles on Amazon. But this one comes in tops for its innovative time marker, so you can make sure you’re drinking enough water each day.

  5. Instant Pot

    This kitchen contraption has been around for a few years now and is still going strong. It’s a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice steamer, steamer, sautér, yogurt maker and warmer all in one, so it saves you time and makes great meals. What could be better?

  6. Clip Light

    This is the solution to reading in bed when your spouse is trying to conk out next to you. It clips on to any surface and adjusts as needed so you don’t have to disturb anyone if you need a little light in the dark.

  7. Glass Tupperware

    We could all use a matching set of glass containers, and this lot takes the cake. It comes with 18 pieces, all of which contain lids with easy snaps.

  8. Extra Long Oven Mitts

    Never fear of reaching into the oven all the way and moving things around—these extra long mitts cover your entire arm so you never have to worry about burning yourself.

  9. Car Charger

    Technology keeps on changing, including how you charge your phone on the go. This one has amazing reviews due to how fast it charges and compact design to fit most cars.

  10. Jade Roller

    People love jade rollers because it feels like you’re at a spa for a fraction of the price. Just roll it on your face—under your eyes and in the creases of your nose and cheeks. It helps with puffiness, pressure, redness and more. Tip: Put yours in the freezer so when you roll it on it’s cold and soothing.

  11. Japanese Rice Washing Bowl

    Fun fact: Washing your rice beforehand not going gets rid of any potential dirt or debris, it helps remove the surface starch that makes rice clump together or get chewy. This rice washing bowl is perfect for the job.

  12. Hanging Closet Organizer

    Messy closet? This organizer hangs in your closet and contains three shelves to store the things you use most. It’s also collapsible for easy storage.

  13. Knife Holder

    If you’re in the market for something to hold your sharp kitchen tools, you’re definitely going to want to make sure it holds up. This stainless steel magnetic knife bar helps organize your knives in an aesthetically pleasing way—and you won’t wake up in the middle of the night wondering what that scary noise was when they all fall off!

  14. Blanket

    Everyone needs a go-to blanket. This cozy flannel one comes in a range of colors to match your home décor, is big enough to cover your whole body, and is as soft as a baby’s bottom.

  15. Seat Cushion

    Made from memory foam and non-slip gel, this seat cushion can be used with anything from your office chair to your car seat. It can help soothe anyone suffering from back pain or just want a little extra comfort every day.

  16. Cast Iron Cleaner

    Cleaning cast iron pans can be complicated, but this cleaner ensures it’ll never rust, plus it preserves the flavor of your pan.

  17. Mixing Bowls

    Not only are these sturdy stainless steel bowls amazing for cooking, they also offer different colors on the bottoms of each so you can use them each for different things—especially useful for allergies or if you just want to brighten the look of your kitchen.

  18. Electric Can Opener

    You’ll never find an easier-to-use automatic can opener. This Hamilton Beach brand opener makes opening anything from soup to tuna smooth and quick.

  19. Pet Hair Eraser

    Finally, the solution to getting rid of all that pet hair. Get this brand if you want something that’s easy to use and guarantees hair pick-up from virtually any surface in your home—from the carpets to the stairs and more.

  20. Makeup Remover

    Wipes just sometimes don’t cut it. If you’re frustrated with feeling sticky after taking your makeup off, this gentle cleansing water does the trick without having to pull and yank on your poor eyelids.

  21. Hangers

    You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better hanger that doesn’t allow your shirts to slip right off. The price is right too. No wonder it has such amazing reviews.

  22. Pan and Lid Organizer

    There’s no better way to organize your pans and lids that seem to tumble out of the cabinet every time you open them. Not only is it sturdy, but it also makes finding the pan and lid you’re looking for a breeze.

  23. Tablet Stand

    It’s can crane your neck to look at your tablet in your hands. Raise it up with this stand, perfect for making anything from work to watching a movie more comfortable.

  24. Over the Sink Drying Rack

    Raise your hand if you hate having your kitchen counter taken over by a dish-drying rack. This one goes directly over your sink and is sturdy enough to hold even your heaviest pots and pans.

  25. Mini Flashlights

    Put these on your keychain, and you’ll never find yourself in the dark again—literally! They’re LED, so are super bright, and only the size of a quarter, so you don’t have to worry about something weighing you down in your purse.

What have you bought on Amazon that you can’t help but rave about?