At a loss for what to get your friends and family this holiday season? Get creative and save some money with any of these homemade gifts that people would actually be happy to get!

  1. A Famous Family Recipe:


    Give the gift of a favorite recipe with perhaps a new utensil to help make it.

  2. A Favorite Cocktail with Recipe Card:


    Put more thought into the classic “bottle of wine” gift and give the gift of a favorite cocktail, complete with ingredients and recipe card.

  3. Teacup Candles:


    How cute!

  4. Gift Baskets:


    There are appropriate gift baskets for everyone in your life. Just cater to the recipients hobbies and tastes.

  5. Homemade Sugar Scrub:


    Give someone a gift to help them pamper themselves this holiday season.

  6. Or Any Homemade “Spa” Gift:


    Give the gift of relaxation in the form of homemade bath bombs, herbal sleep pouches, and more.

  7. A Blank Journal and a Pen:


    Gifting someone a gratitude journal could be the start of a wonderful daily activity for them.

  8. An Edible Bouquet:


    Anyone on your list would love to receive a homemade version of an edible arrangement.

  9. Herb-Infused Honey:


    This impressive jarred honey won’t take you long to make and only requires a few ingredients.

  10. Infused Olive Oil:


    Get creative and infuse a high quality olive oil with your favorite herb(s).

  11. Coffee Mug with Hot Cocoa (or Tea of Coffee)


    You should be able to find a cute mug at the dollar store. Then you can spend the rest on a couple of packs of good hot chocolate for some nice teas to put in the mug.

  12. A Framed Photo:


    With photos primarily existing online nowadays, it’s always nice to get a framed photo as a gift to display at home.

  13. A Classic Book With a Handwritten Note:


    Give the gift of your favorite book with a nice handwritten inscription that the recipient will cherish forever.

  14. Seeds:


    Give them something that will bro into something beautiful (or edible)!

  15. Knit Something:


    Even if you don’t have knitting skills, you can try your hand at arm-knitting this beautiful infinity scarf.

  16. Playing Cards With Game Rules:


    Give the gift of your favorite card game complete with the cards with which to play it.

  17. Cookie Mix in a Jar:


    So easy for you to make and so easy for the person receiving it to make!

  18. Sharpie Christmas Glasses:


    Sharpie paint pens turn normal cheap glasses into these beautiful one-of-a-kind glasses.

  19. Picture Frame Luminaries:


    Now here’s a bright idea!

  20. Gift in a Jar:


    With so many to choose from, the options truly are endless.

  21. No-Sew Fleece Blanket:


    Anyone on your list will appreciate a nice homemade fleece blanket. And you’ll appreciate that there’s no sewing involved.

  22. Transform an Old Sweater:


    Give an old sweater new life by making it into a purse, sweater leggings or a comfy throw pillow for someone else.

  23. Glitter on Canvas:


    This tutorial shows you how to make a personalized piece of artwork that your recipient will be excited to hang.