While we love our pets, we definitely don’t always understand them. In fact, sometimes we think they understand us more than we understand them. While we’re not always sure why they do the things that they do, we’re pretty sure sometimes they are copying our behavior. 

Does your pet sometimes act a little bit strange? Does your pet sometimes act more like a person than a pet? Many, many people can relate. In fact, they’re not only talking about it but sharing pictures of their pets sitting in the strangest positions. Many of these pets are sitting like people. For a pet, it doesn’t look all that comfortable. It looks…strange. Seriously. What are they doing?

Scroll down to see some of the oddest pet behavior we have ever seen. Get ready to laugh!

  1. “Not Comfortable Yet”

  2. Watching TV

  3. Dog or Human?

  4. More Silly Sitting

  5. Susan

  6. Sitting Like People

  7. A Frenchie

  8. A Video Is Even Funnier

  9. Weirdo

  10. All the Dogs Are Doing It

  11. Explain Yourself

  12. What Is This Dog Thinking?

  13. This Looks Really Strange

  14. Squinty Eyes and All

  15. Why Is This Dog Sitting Like This?

  16. Not Amused

  17. A Dalmatian Sits Like This Too

  18. Even Sleeping This Way

  19. In the Car

  20. On the Stairs

  21. “A Little Broken”