15 Times When Quarantined People Tried to Groom Their Dogs

There are a lot of struggles to being quarantined at home for the unforeseeable future. We’re sure you’re already well aware of most of them—like working from home while trying to homeschool your kids who are out of school or not being able to go to the gym and having to get creative with your at-home workouts.

Some people are really struggling with their overgrown hair as a result of not being able to head to the salon anymore. In fact, tons of people have resorted to letting their significant other give them a haircut or trying to do it themselves. Even Gwen Stefani gave Blake Shelton a haircut on her own.

You know what they say—desperate times call for desperate measures! The same goes for dog owners who aren’t able to go to the groomer every few weeks like they used to. The result: Some really shaggy dogs.

While the answer might be giving their dogs a haircut by themselves—the same way you might give yourself one—this doesn’t always come out the way you planned. Alas, we could all use a laugh right now, and these quarantined dog-groom fails offer just that.

Without further ado, here are the funniest times people gave their dogs a COVID-19 haircut, and totally failed.

  1.  Just a bit off the top

    What the heck, ma?

  2.  From fluffy to stuffy

    Not pleased.

  3. Shaved to the bone

    The saddest.

  4.  So long, curly Qs

    Is this even the same dog?

  5.  Quick cut

    At least we can see his eyes now!

  6.  Chop, chop

    Probably should’ve waited until the professionals reopened.

  7.  No longer a furball

    We can hear the whimper.

  8.  Woof

    Literally, woof.

  9. The horror

    She can’t believe you did this to her.

  10.  Someone’s not thrilled

    If looks could kill…

  11.  A new look

    Like, really new.

  12.  Shiba shocked

    The poor thing.

  13.  It’s so fluffy…

    …well, it was.

  14.  Small trim

    She deserved better.

  15.  Womp

    Totally shell-shocked.

Hey, it’s only fur, right? It’ll grow back, don’t worry pups!

Have you attempted to give your pet a haircut with your own scissors? How did you do? What do you think of this quarantine doggie DIY haircut fails?