Company Will Capture Your Pet In Stuffed Animal Form

Raise your hand if you have a pet. Now raise your hand if you have a pet you love more than anything in the world. Now raise your hand if you love your pet more than anything in the world and want a stuffed replica of it. We bet your hand is as high in the air as it can go!

If we guessed right, then have we got the product for you. Introducing Cuddle Clones, a brilliant company that can capture your pet in stuffed animal form, right down to every last whisker or piece of fur.

The “original plush cuddle clone,” as the product is called, is one of the company’ top-selling items, and for good reason. The plush toy is handmade to look just like your pet, and boy do the pull it off like you wouldn’t believe. It’s truly the product you never knew you needed until now.


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Don’t believe us? Just look through the hundreds of photos that happy customers have posted of their pet along with their stuffed twin from Cuddle Clones. In some of these photos, we honestly can’t even tell which is the real pet and which is the stuffed version!

Placing your order for your own cuddle clone is easy. Just upload a few photos of the pet you want made into a stuffed animal, list out a few of their unique characteristics, and pick from one of three positions you’d like the toy to be in.

The plush animal costs $249, but the company also offers a full refund if you’re not fully pleased with your purchase. (But chances are, you’re going to love the level of detail they put into it!)

The cuddle clone is the perfect gift for any animal lover, or just a splurge for yourself (and your pet) if you’re looking for something different. It’s also great for someone who may have lost a pet too early and want to remember them by something.


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In addition to the cuddle clone, the company also offers a host of other products for people who love their pets. For example, these plush slippers pet will keep your feet warm while also reminding you each morning how adorable your animal is. Plus they’re a bit cheaper than the plush cuddle clone, at a price tag of just $199.

You can also purchase golf club head covers for the golf lover in your life, which, you guessed it, are an exact replica of your pet that protect your clubs. Coffee lover? Grab the custom pet mug. Know someone who’s always cold? This pet blanket will do. Then there’s the classic pet figurine, a 3D design that can be made either three or four feet tall. It’s perfect to keep on a desk in your office or even the living room mantle.

To learn more about the company and its products, or to purchase your own, visit the Cuddle Clones website here.

Which Cuddle Clone product is your favorite? Would you or do you know someone who would love a plush replica of their pet, or one of these other products?