Parents pre-pandemic deserved an award. Now, in the middle of a global health crisis while the kids are home all the time? They need at least 42 medals. Oh, and some peace and quiet.

If you’re a parent, are 19 tweets from other parents who just can’t even anymore. They’re perfectly relatable and will make you laugh until you cry (if you’re not already crying).

  1. Nutrition is No Longer an Option

  2. Showers Are Hardly a Priority

  3. You’ll Do Anything For Alone Time

  4. Like, Anything

  5. Peeing Alone is a Fantasy

  6. Kids Have the Weirdest Requests

  7. Your Home is Never Clean

  8. You Find Yourself Very Angry at Daylight

  9. They Should Do As You Say, Not As You Do

  10. Homeschooling Has Gotten a Bit Lax

  11. DIY Haircuts Are Now a Thing…a Very Bad Thing

  12. No Study Can Stop You From Screen Time

  13. They’re Always Getting Into Trouble

  14. We Have No Idea What Day it Is Anymore

  15. No Coffee Makes You Frantic

  16. They Eat All Your Food

  17. Naps Don’t Exist

  18. Mental Breakdowns Are the Norm

  19. You’re Lucky if They Get Dressed

  20. No Study Can Stop You From Screen Time

How hilarious (and real!) are these parent tweets? What’s something you’d add?