We’re Still Laughing at These 15 Amazing Signs

Signs are everywhere. We see them outside the church, on the side of the road, at the grocery store, in front of someone’s tag sale, every which way.

Depending on what they want to tell the reader, signs can go all sorts of ways. Sometimes we walk or drive right by them, and sometimes they have us stopping dead in our tracks.

‘Tis the case with the signs you’re about to read. These signs are seriously funny. Like slap-your-knee, tears-streaming-down-your-face kinda of funny. We wish we could thank some of the sign writers for truly making our day. And they’re about to make yours too.

If you need a little something to take the edge off right now, take a gander at these 15 amazing signs that still have us laughing!

  1. You’re not a train

    I mean, it’s not wrong.

  2. Super korrect!

    This is literally the only reason.

  3. It took us a second…

    …But how punny is this? Someone must’ve asked them to write “catscan” in a sentence.

  4. The best signs are no-reason signs.

    “Not for any purpose whatsoever.”

  5. And don’t forget to lift the seat up while you’re at it.


  6. Beware.

    They meant this literally.

  7. The best name for a horse.


  8. C’mon Abby.

    Get it together, will ya?

  9. A locksmith on doors.

    “That’s how they work.”

  10. Push, pull, try again.

    I totally would’ve fallen for this.

  11. Resolve for blinkers.

    How do you not use your blinker after this sign?

  12. Sign Guy is my spirit animal.

    Go Rams.

  13. Someone’s got to.

    What else is BINGO for?

  14. Thatuday and Thunday.

    If laughing at this is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

  15. Wait, what?

    Can’t wait to hear the story behind that one.

How funny are these signs? Which one made you laugh the most?