If You Have Any of These 17 Beanie Babies, You Could Make Some Serious Money

If you’re a child of the ’90s, chances are you had quite a collection of Beanie Babies. It was hard to make it through childhood without ending up with at least a few of the beanie animal-shaped toys.

When we were kids, we believed that our Beanie Baby collection would one day be worth a lot of money, but the real reason we collected them was because we wanted to.

Through the years, we have struggled with letting go of things from childhood. There are some things we want to save for our own kids, but at the same time, we know that we can’t keep everything. Thankfully, we kept a few Beanie Babies. Hopefully you did too, because some Beanie Babies are going for a lot of money on ebay. We’re talking a LOT of money.

Scroll down to see 17 Beanie Babies that were worth saving and how much you might be able to get for them. Our list is from least valuable to most valuable, so if you think the first few are worth a lot, just wait.

  1. Spangle

    This patriotic teddy bear is worth $1284.99.

  2. Hope

    This praying teddy bear is worth $3000.

  3. Bubbles

    This fish-shaped Beanie Baby is worth is $5,999.99

  4. Holiday Teddy

    This Santa hat wearing teddy is worth $6,500.

  5. Gobbles

    This turkey-shaped Beanie Baby is worth $6,667.

  6. Snort

    This bull-shaped Beanie Baby is worth $7,500.

  7. Britannia

    This teddy that’s still in the package is worth $8,000.

  8. Pouch

    This kangaroo-shaped Beanie Baby is worth $10,000.

  9. Patti

    This platypus-shaped Beanie Baby is worth $14,995.

  10. Jake

    This mallard duck-shaped Beanie Baby is worth $16,000.

  11. Claude

    This crab-shaped Beanie Baby is worth $18,000.

  12. Halo

    This angel bear is worth $20,000

  13. Valentino

    This white teddy with a red heart is worth $20,000.

  14. Seaweed

    This otter-shaped Beanie Baby is worth $30,000.

  15. Blackie

    This little black bear is worth $38,250.

  16. Hippity

    This bunny-shaped Beanie Baby is too pricy for your child’s Easter basket. It’s worth $49,999.99.

  17. Large Wallace with 2 regular-sized Wallaces, Huggy and Cashew

    This well-preserved set will set you back a whopping $660,000.