13 People Discuss the Things That They Don’t Believe Have Aged Well

Over time, it’s natural for things to become outdated. Some things age well, meaning they’re still as relevant and appropriate in the current age as it was back then. But some things…some things simply do not age well.

Not sure what we mean? In a recent Reddit thread, people from all over discussed the things that they don’t believe have aged well. We have to agree with these hilarious discoveries!

  1. Sitcoms

    “All you needed back in the day was a child actor with a catch phrase, that was part of a non-nuclear family and you basically had a license to print money. Now they’re borderline unwatchable.”

  2. The Food Pyramid

    “What? I don’t have to eat 8 loaves of bread, 14 eggs, 66 apples, a whole turkey, and a golden triangle full of oil each day?”

  3. AIM Screen Names

    “MisterDog70, you had a good run.”

  4. Beanie Babies

    “I once give away a huge box of them. It contained one of those Princess Diana Bears. Google it…wow, whew. Yup. I gave it to one of those ‘operation shoebox’ organizations through a local church. Some boy or girl in a 3rd world country is clenching a beanie baby worth a lot of cash!”

  5. Career Advancement

    “’Working your way up from the mailroom’ is loooong gone. You have to switch companies to get any sort of significant raise.”

  6. The Diet Candy

    “AYDS, the diet candy. Yeah, really. This was from 1982.”

  7. Shareable Facebook Posts

    “The ones saying you are legally proclaiming that Facebook can’t use your personal information.”

  8. Minions

    “They used to be these kinda cute, one off characters in a decent movie. Then once illumination realized they can beat minions to death and back and still make hundreds of millions, they just focused on minions and ONLY MINIONS.”

  9. Decade-Old Computer References

    “Bill Gates apparently once said, regarding system memory, ‘640K ought to be enough for anybody.’ Or how about the 3.5” floppy symbol that we still use as our save button? Linux is even dropping driver support for floppy drives at this point.”

  10. Matrix Parodies

    “For like two years there it was hard to escape the forced bullet time jokes in most media.”

  11. Tila Tequila

    “What I love is her claim to fame is being “the most popular person on MySpace” – that sentence alone certainly doesn’t age well.”

  12. The Breakfast Club

    “That scene where John is trying to cop a feel from Claire is really awkward to watch.”

  13. Sex and the City

    “Not only is Carrie Bradshaw a terrible person (cheating, not happy when her friend won’t give her money, wastes money, can’t write etc. etc.), she shames people’s sexuality. It’s vague now there’s probably a bunch more egregious errors in that show.”

What do you think is something that didn’t age well?