If you’ve been hanging around Tip Hero since, well, ever, you know that we are obsessed with apples and any and all recipes that use them. You can’t really blame us, since it seems like every day a new one pops up that has us licking our lips and rushing to our kitchens to see if THIS one is going to be the Ultimate Apple Treat. We’re not sure which one actually wins the title – we change our minds on that one about, oh, two or three times a day – but we DO know that these apple treats are definitely in the running. For you, here in one handy place, are the 15 best apple recipes we’ve ever seen . . . so far!

  1. Hasselback Baked Apples
    Hasselback Baked ApplesTipHero

    Baked apples are the tried and true favorite, but that doesn’t mean they have to stay basic. This Hasselback version are topped with a tasty oat crumble and open up – literally! – to a whole new world of fall flavor. Of course, you’ve got to top them with some ice cream, too!
  2. Blooming Baked Apples
    Bloomin Baked AppleTipHero

    Flowery presentation and apples blossoming with tempting flavor come together in these Blooming Baked Apples. They look like a popular onion appetizer, but their taste is all fall and a sweet treat.
  3. Apple Pie Roll-ups
    Apple Pie Roll UpsTip Hero

    The grand dame of all apple recipes is, of course, the apple pie. How it could it get any better? Well, maybe by making it portable and hand-held! These apple pie roll-ups are totally easy and let you enjoy the best fall dessert while running through the busy back-to-school and holiday seasons.
  4. Apple Pie Egg Rolls
    Apple Pie Egg RollsCMoi via Wikimedia Commons

    If you love the idea of portable apple pie but want something a little more special, why not try this egg roll version? Just put the simple apple filling in egg wrappers and fry them up for a sweet snack.
  5. Cinnamon Apple Rings
    cinnamonMy Incredible Recipes

    If you get your apples from a self-pick orchard – after all, what fall activity is more fun than that?! – you’ve probably been tempted by the cinnamon doughnuts that always seem to be baking next to the trees. Make your own version at home – and maybe enjoy them with some ice cream! – with this recipe for Cinnamon Apple Rings. We dare you to try to eat just one.
  6. Creepy Candied Apples

    OK, so there are SOME things we can think of that are equally as fun as apple picking: anything Halloween-related! Of course, the best Halloween treats involve apples, and this Creepy Candied version is like something straight out of a Fright Night fairy tale.
  7. Bloody Candy Apples
    HalloweenBleedingAppleGemma Stafford

    Want another kind of a candied apple to scare up your sweet tooth? Try this “bloody” version that’s coated with white chocolate and has a spooky bark that’s much worse than its tasty bite.
  8. Traditional Candied Apples
    DippingCandiedApplesyoyomax12 - the diet free zone

    If the scary Halloween versions turn your stomach but you still adore apples with a candy coating, then you’ll want to try these Traditional Candied Apples . . .
  9. Caramel Apple Pops

    . . . and these adorable bite-sized versions, Caramel Apple Pops!
  10. Inside-Out Caramel Apples

    OK OK OK, we know there’s a lot of caramel on this list, but we just HAVE to show you one more take on caramel apples. This idea turns them inside-out for a version that’s just as sweet but easier on your teeth. It’s the perfect dessert OR appetizer to share, plus of all the versions here, it’s probably the healthiest!
  11. Baked Apple Roses
    Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 12.02.36 PMTipHero

    If we WERE going to crown a winner of an apple recipe tournament, there’s a very good chance it would be these baked apple roses that are as gorgeous as they are tasty. When taste and presentation come together like they do in these treats, it’s no wonder that this idea is the It Dessert of the year.
  12. Apple Nachos
    CloseUpAppleNachosRada Cutlery

    They may be sweet, but apples aren’t just for dessert. This easy idea is a great fall alternative to traditional nachos that the whole family will love, and it’s perfect for pretty much any time of day.
  13. Apple Pork Tenderloin
    AppleStuffinginPorkJennifer West

    Don’t forget about dinner! This pork tenderloin recipe gets an extra dose of flavor thanks to the apples literally stuffed into it. Even better? It’s made in the slow cooker!
  14. Apple Puff Pancake
    Apple Puffed PancakesWhatsUpMoms

    Making sure we don’t leave any meal out, here’s an apple recipe destined for breakfast. It’s a little bit pancake, a little bit flan, a little bit apple pie, and a whole lot of delicious. Is there any better way to start the day?
  15. Apple Butter

    Apples don’t have to be the main event to be the most perfect thing on your plate. This apple butter – made in the crock pot! – is a great way to make sure you use all your apples, and it’ll make anything you can imagine that much better.
  16. Stuffed Apples

    We’re going to end this list— with another list! Sometimes, it’s not about what you do with the apple, but what you stuff inside it. These five recipes stuff apples with some amazing things for tasty treats to last you through fall and beyond.

Obviously, we love everything on this list— and these ideas are just the start of everything you can do with apples! Which one is your favorite? Are there any amazing ideas we missed? Tell us what you think in the comments!