We don’t know what the statistic is on this, but we didn’t have a Costco membership until we were married. Therefore, our whole relationship with Costco happened when we were in a relationship.

Pre-relationship, we didn’t see any possible reason to need bulk sizes of anything. With a significant other and kids to boot, suddenly bulk started to seem like just the right size. If only we had a bulk size pantry.

Now, we all know that Costco size means huge, year-long supply of everything from flour to vodka popsicles as well at electronics, theme park tickets, and don’t forget all the samples! Are we the only ones who make a meal out of Costco samples?

Another quirk about Costco is that we often see couples and even whole families going there to shop together. Have you ever heard snippets of what other couples say to each other while shopping at Costco? It can be amusing because it’s so relatable.

Here are 15 tweets that perfectly sum up the experience of shopping at Costco with your significant other.

  1. Impulse Buys

    We’ve been there. It’s easy to make a game plan. It’s much harder to resist the temptation that is Costco.

  2. Enjoy It

    Can you relate?

  3. “Stay Focused”

    But there are distractions everywhere we look!

  4. The Samples

    Yes! We can totally get behind this.

  5. Where are you, Honey?

    We’ve been there too. So many aisles. Such a big store.

  6. Do You Really Need That?

    It’s always good to have someone to help you rethink those impulse buys.

  7. Relationship Status


  8. Valentine’s Day

    Thankfully, Costco has quite a few decent things for husbands to choose from. We’ll take chocolate in bulk and 10 dozen roses any day.

  9. Lunch

    It’s pretty much impossible to beat their hotdog deal.

  10. Buying in Bulk

    As long as there’s somewhere to store those bulk-sized items.

  11. Hotdogs

    That’s one craving a Costco membership can certainly satisfy.

  12. Costco List

    What’s on your shopping list?

  13. Different Costco

    It really can be a completely different experience.

  14. Batteries

    That’s long term.

  15. Pizza

    Supposedly, there is no such thing as a “better” slice of pizza at Costco.