13 One-Pot Pasta Dishes to Save Weeknight Dinners

Barely have time to get a hearty dinner on the table most weeknights? Well, stop resorting to takeout and instead try any of these one-pot wonders that will barely take you half an hour to whip together. Best of all, you’ll only have one pot to clean afterwards!

  1. One-Pot Pizza Pasta Bake:
  2. One Pot Andouille Sausage Pasta:
  3. One Pot Farmer’s Market Pasta:
  4. One Pot Spicy Chicken Riggies:
  5. One-Pot Red Wine Pasta:
  6. One Pot Caprese Pasta:
  7. One Pot Greek Chicken Pasta With Creamy Feta Wine Sauce:
  8. One Pot BBQ Chicken Pasta:
  9. One Pot Zucchini Mushroom Pasta:
  10. Shrimp Scampi Linguini:
  11. One Pot Wonder Chicken Lo Mein:
  12. One Pot Spicy Lemon Chicken Pasta with Tomatoes:
  13. 30 Minute Skillet Lasagna: