Stock Up on Wooden Pallets. These 16 Pallet Projects Are Genius!

Of all the materials it’s important for us to reuse, wood is right there at the top of the list. One of the best and most common sources of easy-to-find, reusable wood? Shipping pallets! What’s more, the things you can make with this humble material are so varied, so useful, and so much fun! Design Rulz recently rounded up their ideas for pallet projects, which of course inspired us to do the same. Here are our SIXTEEN favorite things you can make with these slatted wooden pallets. Scroll through and see which one inspires you today!

  1. Rustic Cooler

  2. Couch

  3. Coffee Table

  4. Garden Tool Rack

  5. Planter

  6. Outdoor Bar

  7. Porch Swing

  8. Picture Shelving

  9. Wine Rack

  10. Plate Display and Storage

  11. Chair

  12. Desk

  13. Shoe Rack

  14. Bench With Storage

  15. Pet Bed

  16. Christmas Decorations