13 Women Who “Peaked” In High School Share Their Photos In a New “Glow-Down” Challenge

Honestly, we wouldn’t recognize most of our high school friends now if it weren’t for social media. If their names weren’t right next to their pictures, we’d be like, who is that? Sure, some people look exactly the same plus a few signs of aging, but many people look quite a bit different.

There are always a few people who didn’t look so hot in high school who look simply amazing years later. Time is definitely kind to some people. These examples are known as glow-ups. Then, there are the people who don’t age so well. This is the reverse, known as a glow-down.

On social media, there have been several challenges where people post pictures of their glow-ups, but now, some brave women are participating in a glow-down challenge. The challenge was initiated by @gabslife99 when she posted her own glow-down on TikTok saying that she peaked at age 18. Many other women have joined in challenge posting pictures from their teens and early 20s followed by recent pictures that show just how different they look now. Scroll down for some very real examples of glow-downs.