People on Social Media Are Divided About Bride’s “Nightmare Dress” Debacle

Brides are not having a good time right now. The COVID-19 pandemic has ruined many couple’s weddings, or have forced them to cancel their wedding altogether. Some others were merely forced to cut down heir invite list to make for a smaller gathering—no easy feat. And for brides still going forth with their weddings, it doesn’t mean the other aspects are easy to plan, either.

Case in point: One bride who turned to a designer to create her dream wedding gown. She thought she could save a little bit of money by sending in some inspiration photos and having it made—but what she got in the end was not what she’d hoped for. At all.

The woman posted both the photo that she sent to a designer to work off of—and what she ended up with. Gulp.

“The designer I hired to make my dream dress royally screwed up,” the woman wrote in a Facebook post.

The woman also received the dress just a week before her wedding, leaving her very little time to get it fixed. “I was left with this piece on Monday, August 31, for my Sunday, September 6, wedding,” she said.

As you can see from the photos, the dress isn’t the same color as the original photo, barely a recognizable style, nor does it fit her well.

Thankfully, the designer said that she can make her a new dress in time for her wedding—so this bride-to-be desperately wants this monstrosity out of her line of vision ASAP.

“I still have this disaster in my closet reminding me of one of the biggest sources of stress throughout the process (this includes COVID),” the woman explained. “I have a nightmare of a dress to trade and would love it out of my home as soon as possible.”

However, there has been a lot of mixed feedback from people who’ve seen the post.

Most people agree with the woman—that the designer did her dirty.

“At what point did the dressmaker look at the boob part and think ‘yep! That looks great! She’s gonna love it!'” one person wrote.

“Why say you’re qualified for the job if you can’t even execute the job?! Waste of time, money and materials,” another stated.

However, others didn’t have much sympathy for her. “This is total karma for 1. Having a wedding during a pandemic and 2. Asking someone to make a dress “inspired by” someone else’s design. If you want the dress, buy it, sweetheart,” one person wrote.

“The original dress cost $338. How much could she have possibly saved by taking a risk and having someone make it custom?” another questioned.

What do you think—do you feel empathy toward this bride or think she got what she deserved? Share your thoughts!