Ever been riding in a car with someone when they suddenly honk their horn at a vehicle on the road and say something like, “Ugh, there must be a WOMAN driving that car”?

For some reason, women have gotten a bad rep over the years when it comes to driving. Though there’s a long-standing stereotype that women aren’t very good drivers, one recent report is about to steer everyone who has ever thought that wrong. Very wrong.

A British financial services comparison website, Confused.com, looked into this very important matter and there are some interesting findings that came out of it.

First of all, it turns out that women actually commit much fewer motoring offenses than men do. In fact, men are almost FOUR times as likely to commit a ticket-worthy motor offense, be it driving and driving or driving without a license, than women are. For instance, 23% of all 2017 offenses were men that were caught going over the speed limit, with a mere 7% of women found guilty of the same.

In addition, the study also found that women are safer drivers, as they’re much less likely to get involved in a car accident than men are. Similarly, they seem to cost insurers less money when they make claims—an average of £92 less than men for their insurance over the course of a year.

Lastly, the study also revealed a reason into why women are actually the superior driver: Females take longer to learn to drive than men do. Apparently that just means women are perfecting their skills while men might not be ready for their license when they actually get it.

Girl power! It’s time to put these sexist claims that women stink at driving to rest. You just can’t argue with the facts…bro!

What do you think of the results of this study?