In an ideal marriage, husband and wife would split up the chores around the house equally. For example, maybe they both agree to clean up their own messes, or perhaps one person tackles the laundry while the other person cleans the dishes and bathrooms. Whatever the arrangement, both people in the house should be taking ownership of making sure everything is clean.

That doesn’t always happen. In some cases, the wife finds herself doing a lot more cleaning than her husband, and it makes it even worse when the husband refuses to admit that he doesn’t clean nearly as much as his wife.

Jalie is a 27-year-old mom and wife, and she was sick of hearing her husband say that he’s the only one who cleans the house. She knew he was wrong, and she decided to prove it to him by going on strike for a week. She told her husband that she wouldn’t be doing any cleaning up after him for that entire week.

Jalie also started a new TikTok to track the progress of the strike. She posted updates every day including the condition of the bathroom, laundry room and a sock that he couldn’t seem to pick up. The videos make it obvious that her husband was in fact neglecting the cleaning.

Here’s her first video on day one of the strike.

@wifestrikePt 2 Wife on strike♬ original sound – Jalie

The day two update showed that their hadn’t been much progress.

@wifestrikeI got the silent treatment all day yesterday because of my strike ?♬ original sound – Jalie

By day 5, it seemed that her husband actually was starting to clean; although, there was still a long way to go.

@wifestrikeWife strike progress update. Two more days to go ?♬ original sound – Jalie

Her last update on the strike was on day 8, and the laundry situation was still out of control.

@wifestrikeDiscombobulated is the word of the day ✨♬ original sound – Jalie

Many of Jalie’s followers urged her to continue the strike. One comment reads, “You got this! Until he admits what he said wasn’t true and that you do the majority of the cleaning. Not him.”

Another one of Jalie’s 19.8k followers wrote, “He’s just waiting for you to cave, but girl don’t! You’re doing great, and we’re all here for you.”

Many of Jalie’s followers can relate to her situation. One person shared, “Omg I can so relate!!! Came home yesterday and he had washed his muddy shoes in the bathroom sink! Not only was there mud tracked all over the floor.”

Another follower commented that she has been on a wife strike for a long time, and now it’s permanent. She wrote, “I went on wife strike and never stopped my husband started doing the cleaning and I focus on our baby.”

Who does the majority of the cleaning in your home? How long do you think Jalie should keep the wife strike going?