Widow Cuts Her Hair for the First Time in 2 Years

When Susan, a police officer who recently lost her husband to cancer, went with her sisters to see a taping of The Rachael Ray Show, she thought she was just there for the show. But in reality, the show is about her today, and it’s all thanks to her amazing siblings sitting right next to her.

Rachel tells the audience that the person being made-over that day has no idea why they’re there, and they won’t until the video of their family starts playing. But when the clip of Susan’s sisters’ video message to the show starts rolling, she immediately becomes emotional.

She’s beaming until her sisters mention her late husband, at which point she starts tearing up. She even looks up at the sky, whether it’s to clear her eyes or to remember her husband, we’re not sure. Although she might not want to admit it, it’s clear that Susan knows she could use a new look and something to help her move on with her life.

As it turned out, Susan’s late husband loved her long hair and would cry if she even teared up. So, for sentimental reasons, she kept her hair for the last two years without a single haircut.

But Susan is ready to enter a new chapter of her life, and she was okay to see the hair go — with the one stipulation that it would all be donated to Locks of Love.

Right on stage, her Rapunzel-long hair is chopped off right in the middle, and then she does backstage to get her complete makeover! When she comes out from backstage, she looks like a new person.

Wearing a tight-fitting, cobalt blue dress and sky-high black heels Susan comes strutting out from backstage. Her makeup has even done by Jessica Alba’s makeup team, and she looks stunning.

Susan’s hair has been cut from her bum to shoulder-length, lightened a little with some honey-blonde highlights, and given a natural wave. She looks fierce, and the grin she’s wearing from ear-to-ear would affirm that she loves the look, too.

Her sisters are so happy by her transformation, as well. They’re obviously tickled pink by their sisters amazing makeover and hoping that it will help her move on.

Most importantly, in total, she was able to donate over 18 inches of her hair to Locks of Love!

Her happiness with the outcome radiates from her face. Susan was already a beautiful woman, but now she can feel good and look even better than before! Especially as she begins a new phase of her life.

What do you think of this makeover? Did the before and after surprise you, too? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.