If you’ve been scratching your head as to why actor Bruce Willis and actress Demi Moore are in quarantine together during the coronavirus pandemic, you’re not alone. The ex-couple recently posted some photos together with their kids, and the public was confused, understandably so.

However, Scout Willis, one of their daughters, recently set the record straight when she appeared on the “Dopey” podcast. In addition to Scout, the family Is also quarantining with Scout’s boyfriend Jake, her sisters Rumer and Tallulah, as well as Tallulah’s boyfriend, Dillon. It’s a full house for sure—but there’s still someone missing. Where is Bruce’s current wife?

Scout explained that his current wife, Emma Heming Willis, had originally planned to stay with Bruce, Demi and the kids, along with Bruce and Emma’s kids, Mabel Ray and Evelyn Penn, but there was a sudden medical emergency.

She explained on the podcast that Evelyn Penn, who’s almost 6 years old, had an unfortunate hypothermic needle incident at a park. She wound up poking her foot and having to go to the hospital. They were in LA at the time.

“Then travel got crazy so my stepmom stayed in LA with my little sisters,” Scout explained, who is currently residing in Idaho.

While it’s certainly a weird time for everyone, does this make things even weirder for the kids? Surprisingly no. Scout says she kind of likes to have both her parents together all the time.

“It’s been really funny to have both of my parents in the house where they raised us, which has been really cute,” she said.

Bruce and Demi have been divorced for 20 years and have actually thrived with the dynamics of having a blended family—so it doesn’t seem like it’s too weird for them either.

To hear more snippets from the podcast where Scout talks about her quarantining situation, check out the video below.

Hey, there’s no wrong way to quarantine so long as you’re staying home! Do you know anyone quarantining with an ex?