19 People Share Their Most Hilarious Failed Baking Attempts From Quarantine

If you’re not baking during your quarantine, are you even in quarantine? Just kidding—kind of. It turns out that one of the most popular activities people are doing during the coronavirus pandemic while they’re home is trying out some new baking recipes.

However, not all of them are winners. They might be optimistic as they’re kneading the dough for their sourdough from scratch, but the finished product might not be what they imagined. For your entertainment, here are 19 of the funniest baking fails from people attempting to bake during their quarantine.

  1.  These cookies

    If you can even call them that.

  2. This cake

    …which seems to have developed its own growth.

  3. This banana bread

    It can’t possibly be safe to eat.

  4. More cookies

    Ones that are clearly not following the rules of social distancing.

  5. These muffins

    …which look more like coral you’d find at the bottom of an ocean.

  6. This Easter cupcake

    That’s one sad-looking bunny.

  7. These dinner rolls

    Or maybe they’re golf balls?

  8. These scones

    …that didn’t quite scone.

  9. Snickerdoodles…

    …that have more doodle than snicker.

  10. Some bread

    This is why you don’t use a 30-year-old bread machine.

  11. This spring cake

    The bright pink color couldn’t save it.

  12. The…we don’t know what these are

    Pile of mess, maybe?

  13. These cinnamon rolls

    Which probably at least make the house smell good?

  14. Some macarons

    Definitely not the kind you’d get in Paris.

  15. Homemade pizza

    …which is what it would look like when your yeast expires in 2010.

  16. These sugar cookies

    That will give you literal nightmares.

  17. Easter challah

    That barely challah-ed at all.

  18. Mug cake

    That might’ve had a bit too much baking soda.

  19. And lastly, these peanut butter cookies

    That not even the dog could stomach.

How hilarious are some of these baking fails? What kinds of things have you attempted to bake but completely failed at while you’re home?