In an ideal world, people would be generous when given the opportunity. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to give away everything you own to strangers, but if a friend asks you for a favor that’s easy for you to do, why not say yes?

Some people are not very generous. In fact, they’re ridiculously cheap. Some people are as tight as Uncle Scrooge.

Twitter user @ShappiKhorsandi shared an experience where a well-to-do friend was extremely tight with her money. She wanted to know if anyone else had a similar or even worse experience.

It turns out that many other people have had experiences where they noticed someone being especially tight with his or her money. Scroll down to read about 13 times people were extremely cheap.

  1.  Charity

  2.  Grandad

  3.  Braiding Hair

  4.  Chai

  5.  Replacement Bulb

  6.  A Voucher

  7.  Funeral

  8.  Umbrella

  9.  The Cinema

  10.  Ex-Boyfriend

  11.  Free Tickets

  12.  Birthday Party

  13.  Christmas Dinner