On the game show “Wheel of Fortune,” contestants often need to spin the wheel multiple times until enough letters are revealed that the puzzle is possible to solve. Often, a puzzle with only a few letters available is nearly impossible to solve, but some contestants have done the impossible.

During one episode of “Wheel of Fortune,” a contestant named Caitlyn solved a puzzle with just 1 letter available on the board. Her amazing solve was so stunning that host, Pat Sajak, seemed amazed and wanted her to explain how she did that.

Before it was Caitlyn’s turn to spin the wheel, a contestant named Rick took his turn. He spun the wheel and asked for the letter “R.” Unfortunately, there weren’t any “Rs” on the board.

While it might be disappointing to not have the letter you choose show up on the board, knowing what letters are not part of the puzzle can be just as helpful as knowing what letters are part of the puzzle. A puzzle without the letter “R” eliminates a lot of words.

Next, it was Caitlyn’s turn. She spun the wheel and asked for the letter “L.” There was only one “L” on the board. Practically before Vanna White was even done revealing the location of the “L,” Caitlyn asked, “Can I solve?” Her question was followed by a long pause before Sajak responded, “Ok.” He probably didn’t think she could really be serious to solve a puzzle with so few letters on the board. She responded, “It is a prize puzzle.” Sajak quickly responded, “Yeah,” in agreement. Then Caitlyn proceeded to solve the puzzle.

Watch the video below to see Caitlyn’s amazing solve for yourself. Be sure to watch until the end to hear her explanation for how she solved the puzzle.

Were you as amazed as Sajak was when Caitlyn solved the puzzle with just one word on the board?