Here Are Some of Wheel of Fortune’s Most Amazing Sovles

We love playing along with game shows seeing if we can solve the puzzles before the contestants. Sometimes we can, but other times we’re left feeling beyond impressed at the contestants‘ knowledge or good fortune.

“Wheel of Fortune” is a great example of a game show where sometimes luck is what it really takes to win. Sure, we assume there might be a trick to spinning the wheel to land on a high prize amount, and knowledge can definitely help contestants solve puzzles; however, there are times when it really does come down to guessing.

There have been many amazing solves on “Wheel of Fortune,” such as ones where contestants guess the correct answer when there are very few letters on the board. Sometimes they happen to guess right on their very first try. We can learn from this that it never hurts to try even when the odds are stacked against us.

Scroll down to discover some of the most amazing solves ever on the game show “Wheel of Fortune.” Play along and see if you can solve the puzzle correctly before looking at the answer below each picture.

  1. The answer is “Gopher.” He ended up winning a trip to Europe.

  2. The answer is “Championship Match.” He guessed correctly with only 1 letter on the board.

  3. The answer is “Wacky Neighbor.” He guessed correctly without any help in the first word.

  4. The answer is “Outstanding Work.”

  5. The answer is “Country Roads Take Me Home.”

  6. The answer is “Leaky Faucet.” She had a lot more letters to work with than some lucky winners, but this win stands out because she was the first person to ever with a million dollars on “Wheel of Fortune.”

  7. The answer is “The Lone Ranger.”

  8. The answer is “Training for a Triathlon.”

  9. The answer is “Tough Workout.” She answered correctly and was the 2nd person ever to win the one million dollar prize.

  10. The answer is “I’ve Got a Good Feeling About This.” She won a trip to the Caribbean for answering correctly.

  11. The answer is “Bubbly Soap.” She answered correctly on the second try. Her first guess was “Bubble Soap.” She won $45,000.

  12. The answer is “Shaggy & Scooby-Doo.”

  13. The answer is “New Baby Buggy.” He won $45,000.

  14. The answer is “Loud Laughter.” This was pretty easy to solve with all the letters on the board, but it is still an amazing solve, because she was the third person ever to win one million dollars.