‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Responds to Online Trolls After ‘Public Humiliation’

We’re sure it must be a lot of fun for game show contestants when they do well on a game show, win a lot of money and get praised for their incredible skill on social media; however, the story is quite the opposite when a contestant makes a huge and seemingly obvious mistake.

Recently, on an episode of the game show “Wheel of Fortune,” all three contestants struggled to solve what seemed like an easy puzzle. Almost all of the letters were on the board, but one word that wasn’t completely filled in left the contestants stumped.

The puzzle was a phrase, and it read “ANOTHER FEATURE _N YO_R _A_.” The contestants seemed to know that the phrase was meant to read “Another feature in your,” but the last word left them guessing. One contestant guessed “hat.” She later guessed “lap” and “map.” Finally, after a few more letters were on the board, a contestant got the right answer.

Watch the video below to see the contestants struggle to solve this puzzle.

Social media was not kind to these contestants. Many fans of the show made fun of the contestants for not knowing the answer right away. In response the show’s host, Pat Sajak posted a series of tweets explaining why he believes the contestants struggled to get the correct answer, and reprimanding viewers who make fun of these contestants.

One of the contestants on the “Feature in your cap” episode spoke to TMZ about why he was unable to solve the puzzle. Christopher Coleman explained that it had been over 30 years since he had heard this idiom. When it was his turn to spin the wheel and guess a letter, he guessed “G” because he thought the last word might be “bag.” On his next opportunity to guess a letter, he admits that he made a mistake. He intended to guess “C” but accidentally said “D” instead. At this point, he knew the answer but didn’t get another opportunity to guess because when it was his turn again, he spun the wheel and went bankrupt. He regrets not solving the puzzle before spinning the wheel.

Regardless, Coleman doesn’t think the online humiliation is acceptable. He told internet trolls that they don’t know what it’s like to be under pressure on a TV show, and if they were contestants on the show, they might make mistakes too. He asked for “grace” and “empathy.” Watch the video below to hear Coleman’s full response to this viral “Wheel of Fortune” puzzle.