Wheel of Fortune is a game show traditionally played with three contestants who all have a puzzle to solve in front of them. They then guess letters that either are or aren’t on the board, eventually forming some kind of phrase or sentence that you’re able to figure out and solve for. In one instance, the game may as well have just been played by one opponent.

The man was named Robert and he completely stole the show in an incredible game where he solved every single puzzle—and of course, ended up solving the bonus round, too, winning the entire game. His game was so incredible that you truly have to see it to believe it.

Sure, it may not be a great feeling for the other two contestants, who barely got a chance to speak or win any money during the episode. But it was a clear claim to fame for Mr. Robert, who should possibly be the next host (or at least, puzzle creator?) of the popular game show. He was just way too good at the game…the others didn’t stand a chance!

Some of the puzzles that Robert solved barely had any letters on the board. One puzzle had just ONE letter up and felt near impossible to solve at the stage it was in! That was the most impressive solve. But then again, there’s something to be said of the puzzles that were nearly done, or all complete, before he read it off and solved it, meaning not only is he great at solving puzzles, but he’s great at guessing the necessary letters to get there. Clearly, he’s skilled at all aspects of the game!

Robert is truly one of the best pros that we’ve been on the show, and we’ve seen quite a bit of champions! For example, there was this contestant who solved the puzzle with just one “T” on the board, and this amazing solve that even had Vanna White in shock.

The game really does have some shocking moments, but we don’t think anything will beat this one. Ready to see Robert in all his glory? Check out the video below of his amazing game!

What do you think of Robert’s game? Have you ever seen someone play this amazingly? Have you ever solved a puzzle with just one letter, or are always solving the puzzle before your family gets to it?