Let’s be honest—we all love household cure-alls! From coffee grounds to egg shells to orange peels, we say the fewer bottles you need in that cleaning cabinet, the better. And though we always prefer going the all-natural route, sometimes you have to bring out the big guns.

We’re sure that you know about the merits of WD-40. Heck, if you have a lot of creaky doors in your house, we bet you whip this handy stuff out a few times a year. Nevertheless, many don’t know that this oily stuff is SO versatile. Here are 9 instances when you’ll want to grab that can before anything else.

  1. When you’ve spilled a glass of red wine on your white carpet

    carpet stain

    Sometimes traditional carpet cleaner just doesn’t cut the mustard. Spray some of this foamy magic on, and watch that stain magically fade away!

  2. When your toilet is starting to look grimy

    Toilet Seat in Bathroom

    We think everyone can agree that cleaning the toilet is one of the most reviled chores in the whole of the house. To make the process go just a wee bit – no pun intended! – faster, consider swapping out your traditional cleaner for WD-40. Pro tip: A little bit goes a LONG way.

  3. When your glass shower door is covered in soap scum and hard water stains

    shower scum

    Sometimes the squeegee can only do so much! In order to get out those seemingly hopeless hard water stains, reach for the WD-40. The key here is to leave the product alone and let it do the work. Just remember: Spray, step away, THEN start scrubbing.

  4. When you need to winterize your shoes

    waterproof shoes before and after

    All you need to do is apply a very light coat and wipe away with a rag. Once you walk out into that wet weather, you’ll see the water start to magically bead away.

  5. When your property has been vandalized


    Unfortunately, we live in a world where graffiti is a common problem. So, if you have fallen victim, don’t fret; just apply a bit of WD-40 to your metal, plastic, or glass surfaces.

  6. When you want to soften your leather

    Leather Shoes

    This trick works best on leather tool belts, baseball gloves, and very dark leather shoes. The oils in the foamy product sure will unstiffen any of these binding items fast!

  7. When your zipper is stuck

    stuck zipper

    Whether it’s on your favorite jacket or your kid’s backpack, “unsticking” a zipper can be a breeze with a spray of this stuff. Note: This hack is ONLY appropriate on metal zippers!

  8. When you need to remove unsightly scratches from your car

    scratched car

    Getting rid of scratches from your car doesn’t need to be a costly ordeal. In fact, you probably already own many items that can take away that damage. Next time you get into a minor accident, try gently buffing the surface scratch away with a bit of WD-40.

  9. When squirrels are breaking into your bird feeder

    squirrel on bird house

    Humans aren’t the only vandals out there—the worst offenders sometimes come in the form of four-legged creatures. So, if your precious birdies are getting their food stolen from those crafty squirrels, simply grease up the house with this lubricant. You’ll find that those cute hoarders won’t be able to keep their grip!

  10. When you need to get rid of wasp nests:


    Spray some WD-40 along where wasps usually build their nests around your home and it should prevent them from succeeding in their efforts.

What do you think of these unexpected WD-40 tips? How do you use this product? Would there be any other ideas that you would add to this list? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!