Don’t Throw Out Those Orange Peels! Here Are 10 Ways to Use Them Every Day.

Even for the most frugal among us, there are certain things that the average person will immediately trash. Egg shells, plastic wrappers, orange peels – wait, scratch that last one. YouTuber Ela Gale brings us this video with her top 10 favorite ways to use orange peels! Move away from the trash and check out these creative and eco-friendly ways to to get some good use out of those peels.




10 Ways to Use Orange Peels
– Orange tea
– Scent for deodorizing drawers, shoes
– Body scrub for skin – sugar, coconut oil, grated peel
– Teeth whitening – contains d-limonene – used in many whitening toothpastes
– Mosquito repellant – rub over skin, the citrus repels mosquitoes
– Sponge for cleaning surfaces
– Eat it for many nutritional benefits -an easy way is to zest it and add it into salads or smoothies or onto desserts
– Orange candle (keep stem intact, pour oil in..)
– Bath scent
– Peel potpourri for your room


Do you have any inventive ways you use orange peels? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!