Dentists Issue Warning After Viral Trend Has People Cleaning Their Teeth With Magic Erasers

When it comes to tough cleaning jobs, Mr. Clean Magic Erasers really can seem magical. We’ve removed slime from walls and crayon from tables with these magic erasers. They’re good for so many difficult cleaning jobs.

Magic erasers are not meant for cleaning absolutely everything though. For example, they should never be used to clean any part of your body.

We’ve learned a lot of amazing hacks from TikTok (like this one and this one), but not all TikTok hacks are worth trying. Some can actually be very dangerous. For example, there is a new TikTok video where a lady promotes using a magic eraser to whiten your teeth.

You might be thinking that a magic eraser would do a great job whitening your teeth, and you’re right, but the reason it does a great job is that it’s rubbing the enamel off your teeth. This is very dangerous and definitely not something you should try. Watch the video below to hear what one dentist has to say about magic erasers and your teeth.

This isn’t the only expert who is against using magic erasers on your teeth. An orthodontist responded to the viral TikTok video with his own TikTok explaining why you should never use a magic eraser to clean your teeth.

@thebentistDid she really just say she uses a magic eraser to clean her teeth… 😳 please don’t make this a trend 😂 ##learnontiktok ##tiktokpartner ##teeth♬ original sound – The Bentist

The best idea is to continue to use magic erasers only as intended, like cleaning up difficult messes around your home. Magic erasers do not belong in your mouth or any other part of your body.

Do you use anything to whiten your teeth? Did you know that magic erasers could damage your teeth? Do you know anyone who has tried using a magic eraser to clean his or her teeth?