Man’s Stunningly Easy TikTok Hack Makes Freezer Storage a Breeze

Our freezer is often full of our favorite foods, like the only chicken nuggets our kids are willing to eat, leftovers we can reheat later and of course, ice-cream.

When we’re out shopping for groceries, one of the things we absolutely love is when a freezer bag (or any bag that food comes in) has one of those resealable zippers built into the packaging. Without this easy option, we sometimes find ourselves struggling to get the bag closed after we have opened it. Unless you plan to cook all of the contents of a freezer package, you have probably run into the resealing package issue before as well.

We have tried a couple of ways to reseal packages. For example, we’ve rolled or folded the open end of the bag and tried to close it with a clothespin or chip clip. We’ve also dumped the entire contents of the bag into a separate freezer bag that can be zipped closed or transferred it to a freezer-safe container with a lid.

It turns out that there is a much easier way to reseal absolutely any bag of frozen food. It doesn’t need to have a special zipper built into it. It doesn’t matter what type of food it is. The chip clip won’t come off. The bag won’t open in the freezer. We don’t need to transfer it to another container.

Australian TikTok user Philip Quinn shared a hack that will most likely change the way you store items in your freezer. All you need is a pair of scissors, and you can turn absolutely any bag of frozen food into a resealable freezer bag. All you have to do is make one deep cut into the bag and then tie it closed.

As one TikTok user commented, “Mind blown!

Watch Quinn’s TikTok hack in the video below.

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Did you catch that Quinn joked that he came from the year 3000? Several people commented that they wish he brought back a cure for COVID-19 instead of a freezer bag hack, but we’ll take what we can get.

It turns out that Quinn is not the only one who has been doing this hack for a long time. Some TikTok users didn’t think this hack was anything new, but for us (and many other people), it was a completely new idea that we will definitely use from now on.

How do you usually reseal frozen food? Are you going to try this TikTok hack?