Your bed is just a bed, right? It’s the place where you sleep at night and get some of your best napping in during the day. But what if you could take your bed to the next level, improving it in style, functionality, or space? It would be so much more than “just a bed.” If you’ve been looking to upgrade the place you rest your head at night, prepare to be inspired by these 23 brilliant bed DIY projects! When you see what your bed COULD be, you won’t settle for anything less than epic!

  1. L-Shaped Bunks

    Brilliant Bunk BedsGrace in Ottawa

    These super modern L-shaped beds give a whole new meaning to bunk beds. Because the bottom “bunk” is on wheels, it can be configured however you’d like, which could provide valuable space for a desk or play station.

  2. Hammock Bed

    Hammock BedHome Improvement Ideas

    For some serious relaxation indoors, this hanging hammock bed is the ultimate way to kick back. This bed is guaranteed to be your new happy place.

  3. Bookshelf Headboard

    Headboard with ShelvesApartment Therapy

    For extra storage (whether it’s for books, a lamp, a midnight snack, or random knickknacks) double your headboard as a bookshelf. Save space and add storage all in one fell swoop.

  4. Pull-Out Bed

    Pull Out BedNews Interior Design

    If you have a tiny space, you need to conserve as much of it as possible. And that equation does not involve a clunky bed. Try this pull-out option, where a sleek bed comes out from a compact drawer. What a brilliant take on your traditional Murphy bed!

  5. Bench Bed Storage

    Bench Bed FootTater Tots and Jello

    For both style and storage, put a trendy bench (we love the colors and patterns on this one) at the foot of your bed. This will provide both extra seating and a place for storage; there’s plenty of room both on and under a bench to put baskets for even more storage.

  6. Modular Beds

    Modular BedsMettes Potteri

    This bed has one pretty impressive magic trick up its sleeve – it can morph into any shape or configuration you can dream up! Unpin the cushions and see what this magical bedding set can turn into for you.

  7. Media Storage Bed

    Media Storage BedApartment Therapy

    For the music lover or the movie guru among us, nothing tops this under-bed storage. Pull out this massive drawer out to reveal your ultimate DVD or CD collection and really wow your friends. Also, you’ll never have to get up for a DVD again! You’re living the life of lazy luxury, my friends.

  8. Closeted Bed

    Closet BedApartment Therapy

    For the claustrophobic, this may not be a good bet. But for someone looking to conserve space in a unique way, this closeted bed is a creative and cozy alternative to your traditional bedroom!

  9. Bench Beds

    Bench BedsDesign Sponge

    No box spring? No problem! Push together a few benches and place your mattresses on top. Not only do you have an easy DIY box spring, but you can remove the mattress and use the benches when you’re entertaining, too.

  10. Trundle Dog Bed

    Trundle Dog BedIndulgy

    We can’t forget about our four-legged friends! Usually trundle beds are for guests, but this trundle bed pulls out for man’s best friend!

  11. Curtained Bedroom

    Curtained BedroomApartment Therapy

    If you live in a studio apartment, you can often feel like you have no space of your own. Hang up curtains, best done with tension rods or curtain rods from the ceiling, to give yourself your own temporary walls!

  12. Hanging Porch Bed

    Porch Swing BedReddit

    If you have a great porch area, upgrade it with a hanging bed! You can create yourself an alternative outdoor bedroom like you’ve never seen before. Nature lovers, rejoice.

  13. Personal Reading Fort

    Reading FortSouthern Disposition

    This is the stuff of a bookworm’s dream. Create this luxuriously comfortable bed with dimmed lighting, plenty of pillows, and your own bookshelf for all your favorite reads. Sounds like a little piece of heaven to me.

  14.  Floating Shelf Bed

    Ikea Bed HackChris Heider

     Use IKEA bookshelves in this ingenious way: hang them around your bed, so you have floating shelf space instead of your traditional bedside storage. Not only does this save you some valuable room, but it also looks insanely cool.

  15.  Retractable Bed

    Retractable BedKirsten Dirksen

    Forget a pull-out sofa, this revolutionary bed is changing the way we layout our bedrooms. In 2004, Parisian designers Décadrages came up with BedUp, a bed that lowers from your ceiling using counterweights, making it effortless to hide and reveal your bed at a moments notice.

  16. Light-Up Headboard 

    Light Up HeadboardLaguanaBeachLove10

    Transform your bedroom easily with this fun DIY! Using string lights and a few other simple tools, you can have a beautifully lit-up headboard that will give a soft, almost magical vibe to your space.

  17. Traditional Trundle

    Guest bed and trundle bed made with pallets1001 Pallets
     This surprise double bed in the perfect way to accommodate guests when you don’t have a guest bed (or a guest room at all) to spare. Add this comfy trundle out from beneath your bed to save and increase space at the same time! Bonus points for matching sheet sets.
  18. Shoe Storage

    Pallet day bed with built in shoe storage
    Have a little bit of a Carrie Bradshaw streak in you? Meaning, of course, that your collection of shoes is your everything. If your heels are your world, you’ll love this bed design, elevated with rustic wooden pallets for height and ample shoe storage. Carrie would be so proud.
  19.  Triple Bunk Bed


You’ve heard of a bunk bed before, but have you ever heard of a triple bunk bed? This brilliant setup is perfect for a family of three kids – or even for a family of one or two, considering that your kids will probably be having plenty of sleepovers come summer vacation! These bunks are lined up next to a shelf, perfect for books or other storage, built into which is a staircase leading up to the top bed. As if that wasn’t enough, next to the shelf space is a third bed. Brilliant.

20. Platform Bed

platform_bedChris Heider
Platform beds are all the rage nowadays; using creative or decorative things to raise your bed, rather than a plain old box spring, is a fun way to jazz up your space. But this platform bed, which is entirely supported by seven IKEA cabinets, provides functionality as well as unique style.

21. Murphy Bed

murphyThe Owner Builder Network
Ah, the Murphy bed. A brilliant invention for owners of limited space. If you’ve never seen a Murphy bed before, its purpose is to basically store away inside of a wall – or in this case, a “dresser” – and then pull out into a full-sized bed when the moment calls for it. Smart and super trendy.

22. Canopy Bed

Classic canopy bed.
Nothing screams style like a classic canopy bed. Use tension rods or curtain rods to hang stylish drapes on either side of your bed; you can close them if you feel like you need a little extra privacy, or just enjoy how regal they make your bedroom look.

23. Kids Tree House Bed 

DadPreppingBedroomTransformationGNDxero via Little Things

Is it or is it not every kids dream to have a tree house? Well, how about giving your kids an indoor tree house for their bed instead! This extraordinary dad built this bed tree house for his daughter in TWO DAYS, which means your kids can be enjoying a nighttime playground in no time at all.

Have you re-imagined your bed in a creative way? Share pictures of your space in the comments section below.