You can buy a cheap mirror (whether it’s to hang on the wall or it’s a wall-length to put behind your door) for $5 – $10 at just about any store – namely discount stores like Target and Walmart. You can even get a good deal on mirrors at stores like Goodwill, Salvation Army, or even at some antique stores. But those mirrors, new or old, may not look quite as nice as their price tag did. If you want to renovate your steal or maybe just jazz up a boring frame to match your unique decor, check out these 13 DIY mirror upgrades! All of these projects are easy to accomplish and leave you with a fabulous piece of decor that you snagged for next to nothing.

  1. Wood Paneling

    Wood Pannel MirrorTwo Feet First

    If you’re looking for a simple upgrade that will give chic, earthy feel to your room, try this simple wood paneling. All you need to do to get this all-natural affect is to layer a few planks on top of one another, and you’ll instantly have a chic mirror to be proud of.

  2. Coastal Ropes

    Coastal Rope MirrorArchitecture Art Design

    Whether this is for your beach house or to make you FEEL like you’re a beach house, this roped mirror frame and seashell accents are the perfect thing for a beach-side retreat (in your head or otherwise.)

  3. Mirrored Wall

    Wall of MirrorsShanty-2-Chic

    These Walmart mirrors are so cheap, buying three and creating a stylish mirrored wall is a great investment! This is a great, understated way to decorate your living room or dining room for next to nothing.

  4. Sunshine Paint

    Sunhsine MirrorSugar Bee Crafts

    Looking for a little pick-me-up in your decor? Paint the frame of your mirror something bright, like a sunshine yellow, to lift your spirits and instantly brighten up your bedroom!

  5. Sleek Bulk

    Bulky MirrorWife in Progress

    When your decor is glamorous and over-the-top, a wimpy little $6 mirror just isn’t going to make the cut. Make this cheap mirror as fabulous as the rest of your home! This bulked up mirror is surprisingly easy to make and is a serious statement piece.

  6. Polka Dot Pattern

    Polka Dot MirrorArchitecture Art Design

    Spunk up your room with this lively DIY! Polka dots (especially of the black and white variety) are a fun, retro way to perk up any decor. You can use wallpaper for easy application or paint the design on, using a toothpick to make the polka dots.

  7. Antiqued Frame

    Antique MirrorBlue Roof Cabin

    This project is perfect for anywhere in your home! You can even build this mirror into a closet or cabinet for extra functionality and style.

  8. Faux Flowers

    Flowered MirrorSociety19

    This might be the easiest DIY of all. Pick up some faux flowers at the Dollar Store and hot glue them to a boring mirror frame for some instant style. Perfect for a teen girl’s room or for your new college dorm!

  9. Tiled Frame

    Tiled MirrorWhat's Ur Home Story

    For a classy, mosaic feel, try this tiled mirror DIY. We love the elegant way this mirror comes out and you can personalize the project with any size or color of tile you prefer.

  10. Shabby Chic Wood

    Shabby Chic Wood MirrorShanty-2-Chic

    You can’t go wrong with a touch of rustic decor. We love this shabby chic, wooden mirror frame, especially the bulk of the reclaimed wood. This would look amazing hanging on any wall of your home.

  11. Embellished Silver Design

    Sectioned Silver MirrorCentsational Girl

    Go for a cool, crisscrossed effect with this project. This is a sleek, elegant way to compliment the decor of any fashionista.

  12. Teal Frame

    Teal Oval MirrorArchitecture Art Design

    A pop of color never hurt anyone! Especially when it’s a fun, trendy color like this bright teal. Give your bland mirror a new coat of paint and completely restyle the look of your room. Throw on a fun mirror decal for a little extra flare.

  13. Classy White

    White Framed MirrorArchitecture Art Design

    Conversely, white is the perfect color for just about any decor. While there isn’t anything wrong with a pop of color, the simplicity and classiness of white is the perfect way to make any piece look instantly expensive…even when it’s not.

Have you upgraded a mirror in a creative way? Share pictures of your successful project in the comments section below!