15 Creative Ways To Use Seashells At Home

It’s just not a summer trip to the beach if you don’t spend at least some of your time there scouring the shore for seashells. But there’s one question we always have when the beachy waves fade away to memory— what should we DO with all those shells? Sure, they’re pretty enough on their own, but you can only have so many jars of shells sitting around your home before you want something a little more fun. Luckily, there are TONS of ways to use them! Here are our 15 favorite crafts to make with shells. Check them out and pick your favorite to make today!

  1. Candle
    Seashell CandlesThe Sorry Girls

    What’s better than a candle manufactured to smell like the ocean? A candle actually FROM the ocean! All you have to do is pour some melted wax into your shells for one-of-a-kind tea lights. Leave them natural, or spray them gold for a glam effect.

  2. Wind Chime
    Make a wind chime out of seashells and driftwoodHome Sweet Homemade

    When you picture a house at the beach, isn’t there always a wind chime tinkling in the breeze? Bring that feeling home AND use up a whole bunch of seashells at once with this fun project.

  3. Aloha Sign
    Seashells form pineapple for the O in Aloha signMy Pinterventures

    A pineapple is a traditional symbol of hospitality, so what better substitute for the “O” in a sign that bids your guests both a warm welcome and a fond farewell— especially when it’s made out of seashells?!

  4. Christmas Ornament
    Small seashells and sand inside glass bulb ornamentHobbies On A Budget

    Christmas ornaments are full of memories, and this one – a simple glass bulb filled with tiny seashells and sand – will make you think of family vacations while you gather around the tree.

  5. String Lights
    Seashells glued around bulbs on strings of lightsLush Zone

    Hanging up strings on lights is one of the most popular and, by now, traditional ways to add some whimsical décor to a room or porch. Take it to the next level by gluing pairs of matching shells around each bulb, making the perfect lighting for a beachside porch or Christmas in a warmer clime.

  6. Night Light
    Attach a seashell to a night light clipMartha Stewart

    Another way to bring seashells and lights together? A simple night light! It’s perfect for a bathroom or bedroom, and much nicer than similar plastic ones you can get at the store.

  7. Beachy Wreath
    Glue seashells to styrofoam wreath formUp To Date Interiors

    We love wreaths for every season, and what could be more perfect for summer than one made out of seashells? It’s so simple— just glue the shells to a Styrofoam form!

  8. Crab Fridge Magnets
    Spray paint shells red to make crab magentsRed Ted Art

    Remember your vacation every time you make dinner or grab a snack! All you need is some red paint, pipe cleaners, googly eyes and hot glue. You can also go green and make turtles instead. Either way, adorable!

  9. Shadow Box Frame
    Sand and seashell photo shadow boxHobbies on a Budget

    What better way to show off a photo of your beach vacation than a shadow box filled with the shells you collected there?

  10. Stamps
    Use a seashell to stamp a pattern on a pillowThe Kim Six Fix

    You can use your seashells as tools, too! They make an excellent stamp for projects like these Seashell Pillows.

  11. Trinket Dish
    Gild inside of large oyster shells to hold jewelryeHow

    Gild the inside of larger shells to make little dishes perfect for jewelry, paperclips, or even salt and pepper!

  12. Bridal Bouquet
    Mix shells with flowers for beachy bridal bouquetSeashell Crafts And Beach Blog via DIY & Crafts

    Getting married on the beach, or just want an oceanic feel to the flowers around your home? Mix seashells into the bouquets for a pretty, shore-worthy look.

  13. Flower Pots
    Seashells glued to weathered terra cotta flower potMartha Stewart via DIY & Crafts

    A true land-and-sea combo! When glued to a weathered terra cotta pot, you get that “beach cottage” look no matter where in the world you live.

  14. Hairpin
    Attach shells to bobby pins for seashell hairpinsSwell Life Blog via DIY & Crafts

    What better way to show off your shells than to make them the perfect summer accessory? All you need to make these hairpins are some bobby pins, epoxy, and clear nail polish.

  15. Necklace
    Seashell painted silver and hung on chain for necklaceLovely Etc.

    Another great way to wear those shells? A necklace fit for a mermaid! You can apply liquid leaf silver, as she does in this tutorial, or just seal the shell and leave its color as-is for a more natural look.

We love that we finally have uses for all those seashells we bring home every summer. We’re definitely going to be making those Christmas ornaments immediately. Which one is your favorite? Grab even more ideas from this list on DIY & Crafts and tell us how YOU like to use the seashells you collect.