Unvaccinated Missouri Couple Warns Others About the Dangers of Skipping Vaccine After Covid-19 Hospitalization

Different people have different reasons for choosing not to get vaccinated for Covid. For some, it’s not so much choosing not to get vaccinated as it is choosing to wait to get vaccinated. Although many people have lost their lives to Covid, some people assume they will be strong enough to fight off the virus if they get infected which makes them feel like getting vaccinated is not a priority.

Louie Michael and his wife, Pattie, didn’t get vaccinated for Covid. Pattie is in the healthcare field, and she believes in vaccines, but since she has had bad reactions to previous vaccines, she was waiting until she felt that her body was able to handle the Covid vaccine.

Louie thought he would be tough enough to handle Covid if he happened to get it, so he wasn’t in a rush to get vaccinated. He simply thought he’d wait until his wife was ready to get vaccinated too.

Now, Louie and Pattie regret the decision not to get vaccinated for Covid right away. The couple is still recovering from an intense battle with the virus that sent them both to the hospital. Watch the video below to hear more about how Covid effected them and how they’re doing now.

Louie has been updating Facebook with his Covid journey. It all started on June 16, when he posted a video and asked for prayers. He wrote, “I’ve never felt so bad in my life, and with my blood ox around 90-92, and now no taste or smell, I’m not sure if I’m getting worse or better. I sure don’t want to die from something like this, I got too much to do.”

The following day, on June 17, Louie asked for prayers for his wife who had just been rushed to the hospital via ambulance. The next day, he joined her at the hospital as he battled for his life. It was at this point that he started urging anyone looking at his posts to get vaccinated for Covid.

On June 24th, Louie shared that both he and his wife had returned home, but they still had yet to fully recover. The next day, he shared that he was officially no longer contagious.

Many updates on Louie’s Facebook page show that his community really rallied around him to help. His daughters kept the house in order while he and Pattie were in the hospital. Friends and neighbors dropped off casseroles and desserts. Louie made sure to thank each and every person for their help, and he hopes to help others by spreading the word about the importance of getting vaccinated.

Have you gotten vaccinated for Covid? Does Louie’s story influence your decision about whether or not to get vaccinated?