The Covid-19 delta variant was first identified in India. It has already hit the U.K., and now, it’s in the U.S. On June 5th, approximately 5% of all new Covid cases in the United States were from the delta variant. By June 15, that number jumped to more than 20%. The delta variant is increasing rapidly. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is concerned about this new variant, and so is Dr. Fauci.

According to Dr. Fauci, in the next few weeks, the delta variant could be responsible for most new Covid cases. That’s the trend that happened in the U.K. where now 95% of new cases are caused by the delta variant.

Dr. Fauci is mainly concerned about people who have yet to be vaccinated for Covid-19. In the U.K., people under the age of 20 are not yet eligible to get vaccinated. Unvaccinated children and young adults in the U.K. are contracting the new delta variant of Covid more often than other age groups. That could mean that the vaccine is doing a great job protecting people from the delta variant, which is great unless you’re unvaccinated.

Watch the video below to learn more about why Dr. Fauci is concerned about the new delta variant and what he believes we can do to protect ourselves and our unvaccinated children under 12.

According to data from the U.K., Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine is 95% effective at preventing hospitalization from the delta variant.

In the United States, anyone age 12 and up is eligible to get vaccinated for Covid-19; however, many people in the 18-26 age group have yet to get vaccinated. This age group’s vaccine hesitancy will most likely prevent the United States from reaching President Biden’s goal of having a minimum of 70% of the adult population receive at least 1 dose of the vaccine by July 4th.

Have you been vaccinated for Covid-19? Do you think the new delta variant will motivate more people to get vaccinated?