Snow may be a pretty sight to see the first time it falls for the winter season. But when the second, third and more snow falls occur, it only leads to more burdens—like having to clear a path in your driveway. And the only ways to do that usually involve a lot of effort or money: shoveling, snow blowing, or plowing.

Well, unless you count the innovative way that one Kentucky man went viral for. Kentucky resident Timothy Browning became Internet famous when he decided to literally torch the snow in his driveway he got on Christmas Day—creating a quick and, we suppose you could call it relatively easy, way to clear snow from his driveway.

Besides having a unique way to get rid of snow, Timothy’s ensemble is really one to talk about. He posted a clip of himself on his Facebook page that shows him wearing nothing but a bathrobe, socks, slippers and winter hat, outside ready to get rid of the snow. However, there’s no shovel in hand—only a tool that’s probably keeping him warm enough to wear what he’s wearing: a flamethrower.

In the clip, Timothy takes a sip of his beer, and then uses the flamethrower to melt the snow his driveway. As he protrudes flames onto the white stuff, the flakes begin to melt away as quickly as they came.

“Browning snow services. God bless American rednecks!” Timothy captioned the video.

After getting tons of likes and shares, the video caught the attention of a Twitter user named Chad. He was so impressed that he decided to repost the video for his thousands of followers to see. “Here’s one way to do some quick snow removal, by flamethrower,” he captioned the video.

That just made the video take off even more. Fans couldn’t get enough of this unique way to get rid of snow. With over 120,000 views on Chad’s repost, everyone who saw the video was stunned by its brilliance.

“Now that’s what you call ” a sure FIRE way to get things done! ‘” one Twitter user posted.

“What possibly could go wrong,” another said.

We got to admit—this is a pretty cool (and quick!) way to get rid of snow in your driveway. Check out Timothy’s video below to see how it was done.

How do you typically get rid of snow after a big snowstorm? Would you ever try the flamethrower hack, like Timothy did?